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How Anthony Toma Looks To Help People Enter The Acting And Modeling Industries

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nine9, Anthony Toma looks to provide people with opportunities in the modeling and acting industries. He is an entrepreneur who has founded and operated a number of other companies that are in industries such as retail, entertainment, and service oriented. At Nine9 Talent Agency he his changing the way that models and actors are represented.

He came up with the concept of Nine9 while he was in a grocery store in the early 2000’s, browsing the magazine section. He was looking for magazines that listed food franchise opportunities when he came across one that featured a franchise that was specialized in the acting and modeling industries. He bought the franchise and expanded it into another 26 franchises across the United States. Unfortunately, the business collapsed and closed down. In 2003 he redeveloped the concept and successfully launched Coral Reef Productions, Inc., which he renamed as Nine9 a number of years later. Read Nine9 Reviews Here .

As the leader of his company, he supplies the management team of Nine9 with the resources and tools needed to do their jobs. Nine9 at Instagram .

Nine9 calls itself the Unagency because it represents the vast majority of aspiring actors and models who don’t have agents working for them. Instead of supplying these people with agents, Nine9 instead offers them the opportunity to get exposure on their website which is used by casting directors and industry leaders. The company also alerts its clients to casting calls and other work opportunities that its staff is privy to.

Nine9 doesn’t collect commissions from the work that their clients gain. Also, Nine9 has offices in cities around the country that are hotbeds for casting calls such as New York City and Los Angeles. for more .