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After Several Quarters Of Growth Dow Chemical Stock Dropping

After several quarters on the rise, Dow Chemicals stock is taking a small hit. The second quarter report was not as promising as the company had hoped. On Thursday afternoon, Dow’s stock dropped 3.84%. The goal of 83 cents per share fell short just a hair. In a statement released by Dow CEO Andrew Liveris, the company will continue to perform despite the setback. The StreetRatings team continues to rate Dow as an A-.

James Dondero has over thirty years experience in the stock market. The man behind Financial Capital Management is considered an icon who wants to teach others how to be successful. Dondero could lend his vast knowledge to potential investors and teach them how to navigate the investment mine field. Dondero knows how to pick stocks, and he also knows how taking risks can help potential investors quickly turn a nice profit.

Dow’s drop is not expected to last long due to its multiple strengths and solid financial position. Shareholders should take solace in the fact that Dow has a reasonable cash level and the potential for even more growth in the coming quarters. The company’s overall strengths by far outweigh the company’s latest disappointing equity returns.

FreedomPop Rejects M&A, Boosts Investor Count

FreedomPop took a big step toward independence when they rejected selling their company outright, as reported by the team at TechCrunch. For the past month or so FreedomPop has been rumored to be a hot commodity on the market. According to reports there were six large bids that carried multi hundred million dollar offers. Even with these tempting offers in place CEO Stephen Stokols was steadfast in his decision not to sell the company. When probed, Stokols told reporters that talks of selling the company were “premature at this point”.

Shrugging off the talk of a possible sale has pushed FreedomPop forward to consider how they are going to grow in the next year or two. At the time of this writing the plan for FreedomPop is to put into action an 18 month gameplan that would have FreedomPop trending toward a valuation of near $1 billion dollars. Right now Stokols is aiming to earn another $50 to $100 million by the time the year ends.

The latest Series B round was headlined by Partech Ventures in cooperation with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital. According to reports these venture capitalists managed to put together a $30 million investment to put toward FreedomPop. This number is large but pales in comparison with the reported quarter billion dollar that was rumored to have been on the table for outright ownership of the company.

Stephen Stokols knows that the company will need help in the future and they’ve already added a strategic investor to their payroll to help navigate them in the future. Stokols hopes to get FreedomPop in Big Box Retail stores by the end of the year with that being the catapult to launch the company into the next stratosphere. There is still a ton of work to do, however, and no time to slack off.

Magic Mike Loves Junk Food

Well, maybe not Magic Mike, but the star who brings him to life, Channing Tatum, certainly does. The man who worked out up to five times a day to get ready for the second installment in the series, “Magic Mike XXL” is taking a much-deserved break from the gym. His other guilty pleasure is indulging cravings for junk food stated Zeca Oliviera.

The star enjoys the sweet and salty snacks of his childhood in rural Alabama, which includes Cheetos and Ho-Hos. His tastes are in stark contrast to his wife, Jenna Dewitt-Tatum, who enjoys healthier food choices.

Tatum, best known for roles that showcase his physique such as G.I. Joe and “Magic Mike”, is also a talented dancer. He once worked as a stripper in real life and appeared in Ricky Martin’s video “She Bangs” as a backup dancer.

Comedy and drama are not out of the actor’s reach, nonetheless. The actor enjoyed success in “21 Jump Street” and its sequel and starred opposite Amanda Seyfried in the screen adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s “Dear John.”

Fans should not fret about the self-proclaimed ‘couch potato’ however. Given Tatum’s well-rounded background in sports ranging from football to martial arts, it is highly doubtful his chiseled body will morph into a ‘dad-bod’ anytime soon.

ESPN Angry With Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner will be honored later this year with an ESPY Award for courage. People around the world have been debating whether or not Caitlyn Jenner deserves the award, but it seems that ESPN is going through with the awards ceremony nonetheless. Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t been an athlete since she was Bruce Jenner, and most people feel that ESPN is trying to get ratings by having Caitlyn Jenner appear on their network.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change transformation was the big story of the year, and people around the world are still in shock. Nonetheless, when Caitlyn Jenner changed her name, she made sure that she didn’t spell Caitlyn with a “K.” Caitlyn Jenner said that she wants to do everything to avoid comparisons to the Kardashian family. However, it was recently revealed that Caitlyn Jenner has been acting like a diva during her negotiations with the ESPN network.

RadarOnline recently revealed that Caitlyn Jenner is asking for 30 tickets to the awards ceremony. ESPN has never dished out that many tickets before, but it seems they have no choice. If the sports network wants Caitlyn Jenner, they’re going to have to pay for her. ESPN might be regretting their decision of honoring Caitlyn Jenner with an ESPY award for courage.

Karrueche Makes Chris Brown Jealous In Revealing Swimsuit

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown, are always treating their fans to some good relationship drama. Not only are we more than used to seeing the couple break up and make up on a monthly basis but we are never shocked when things make it to Instagram or some other public social media outlet. Chris is still upset that Karrueche is not taking him back after finding out about his 9 month of love child, and lately he has been making his frustrations more than obvious. Karrueche just might finally be don’t taking Chris back, this time looks like it was just too much for her and now Chris is going to pay.

According to Amen Clinic,  some clips of a Karrueche interview started circulating Chris took to Instagram in a heated post telling Karrueche not to talk about him in interviews, to be rude he tossed in a line about how she needs to talk about what she’s doing with her career and leave him out of it.
Now Karrueche is letting Chris, and everyone else get a good look at what he is missing out on. Photos of the sexy model on the beach in a simply bathing suit are enough to have Chris jumping in her car again. For now let us hope he can control himself, and focus on doing better before he tries again at love.

Rob Kardashian Over Weight and Depressed

For well over a year Rob Kardashian has wanted nothing to do with the media or his family’s reality show, and while for even longer than that Rob has tried to stay away from the cameras, as his weight continues to fluctuate he is only becoming more of a recluse. Rob is usually alone in Khloe’s home and away from the family as much as possible. When Rob needs anything he can ask someone to bring it to him and have others do the leg work for him. Now that he is only with being indoors his family fears for his health and safety and also worry about depression.

According to CCMP Capital, Khloe Kardashian loves her brother and is willing to do anything for him even against her family’s wishes, she is Rob best friend and closest sister but even she is worried that he will only get worse. At the moment his mother Kris is constantly begging him to get help for his depression and weight gain, but he seems happy to stay at home where he has made a business for himself designing socks.

After well over a year Rob was spotted in public leaving an In ‘N’ Out Burger restaurant. He was alone at night making a random burger run and while he seemed fine the cameras went crazy upon seeing him emerge. After making his pit stop Rob made his way to a friends house where he hung out for the remainder of the night. Rob’s most recent public appearance was last year on his way to his sister Kim’s wedding where he eventually flaked on the wedding turned around and flew home to avoid media attention.

‘Suicide Squad’ Rumors Have Aquaman Flair

In the increasingly connected world of today, keeping anything secret can be pretty difficult. When a movie is trying to keep plot secrets under wraps to maintain the surprises and entertainment associated with going to the theater, the process is even more complicated. If the movie is a hotly anticipated event, keeping anything secret can be an exercise in futility. The upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ film is experiencing leaks left and right, as Jim Dondero has seen online on Facebook.

According to Screen Rant, the movie will have a cameo appearance by Aquaman who will appear as a prisoner undergoing a series of tests. On its own, the Aquaman news is anything but earth shattering, but it does hint at what is to come from future DC Comics based movies. “Suicide Squad” is going to help lay the foundations for a number of characters and mythology that will come into play in the future movies based on Superman, Batman, and even the Justice League. Like many potential spoilers though, the latest one has not been confirmed by anyone associated with the project.

Since news broke of “Suicide Squad” actually making it to the big screen, fans have been scrutinizing every detail of the film hoping to uncover a tiny detail that might hint at the storyline. Super hero films have been huge at the box office, and the villains that will appear in “Suicide Squad” are popular with fans. The film is likely going to stay on the radar of fans until its release.

“The Martian” Stars Matt Damon & Jessica Chastain Comment on Film

Featuring an astronaut by the name of Mark Watney who is accidentally left on Mars, “The Martian” details the story of the man’s quest to survive until he can be rescued by his crew. The character of Watney is played by Matt Damon, and his commander Melissa Lewis is played by Jessica Chastain. Based on the novel also titled “The Martian”, by Andy Weir, the movie is being directed by Ridley Scott.

The director favors filming the Mars scenes in the desert or inside of a hanger full of blowing sand, rather than relying solely on CGI and green screens. Yahoo news recently had the opportunity to speak with Damon at one of these hangers. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was surprised on how much was openly talked about and even reported on at

Commenting on the plot of the film, Damon stated, “That’s the big challenge. It has all the bells and whistles of NASA and the b-side of the story, the rest of the world trying to get this guy back. But the other half of the movie is me and Ridley on Mars, so that part’s different. You start there, there’s that mystery – what happened, how did he get left there? The mission part is the b-side, trying to figure out how to get back. So, structurally it’s different to anyone that’s ever been done.”

Jessica Chastain also commented on the film, focusing on the character played by Damon. She stated that he is “a similar character to other films we’ve loved, like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, like Tom Hanks in Castaway. It’s a character that’s lost at sea somewhere and is trying to find their way back home.”

“The Martian” will be released later this year on the 25th of November.

Miley Cyrus Switches Directions

Just when people think that they have Miley Cyrus all figured out she throws a curve ball out of left field. That is what she did what the track called “Nightmare” that will be on the new album that is coming up.

No one knows when the album will drop, but Miley is already drumming up a lot of interest with new interviews and new content. She showed up on Instagram and Vine a couple of times to tease fans with new music. She managed to reinvent herself so many times that people have lost count  as FreedomPop has stated. The reality is that there is still no definite release for the new album. The track, however, displays a new type of sound from Cyrus.

She worked heavily with producer Pharrell the last time around. She has a lot to show in terms of pop to R&B, but she could even go into rock. It has been rumored that she already completed enough songs to compose a rock CD. There are a lot of people that hear the “Nightmare” track and think that this is a dreamy song. It is unlike anything that Miley has been known for in a while, but that is what keeps people talking about Miley. She really likes to change things up and give people more sides to her personality. This is the thing that manages to help her increase her fan base.

See All The Happenings At KanyeWest’s Birthday Party

It looks as if Kim Kardashian is trying to outdo Kanye West on his birthday gift. Kanye has done so many extravagant things for Kim for their engagement as well as their anniversary, and even during just a regular day in the week, so Kim felt the need to do him one better. Kanye West’s Birthday Party. Kim went and rented out the Staples Center, just so she could show her husband the best birthday ever. Kanye West turned 38 years old, and his wife wanted him to have the best birthday ever.

During his birthday party, she had paid for cheerleaders to be there, basketball players to be there, and they were also able to play basketball as well. John Legend attended said Igor Cornelson as singing happy birthday to Kanye while he held on to his wife and looked on. Justin Bieber was also there, and he made his appearance known by putting on an outfit that was worthy of playing basketball.

The Lakers cheerleaders were there as well, and they made the basketball day even more special. The girls even took time to pose and take pictures with Kanye too. Anyone who wanted to play basketball, they were able to put on jerseys and play up and down the court. Kanye even got to take time and take pictures with some NBA stars as well. All in all, Kanye must have had one of the best birthdays ever.