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David Lynch Returns to Twin Peaks (Finally)

Whatever problems David Lynch was having with the powers that be at Showtime have apparently been settled. Lynch is coming on board to direct the debut episode of the third season of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks was a cult series that aired on ABC to, honestly, low ratings. The weird series had all the oddball traits fans of director David Lynch came to expect recalls Jason Halpern. Lynch crafted Eraserhead and Blue Velvet among other strange films. The weirdness of Twin Peaks helped it amass a cult following and those fans have always been annoyed the series was abruptly canceled and its cliffhangers and plot lines were never resolved.

Showtime has made the surprising decision to resurrect the series much to the joy of fans. Then, the worst possibly news arrived. Lynch quit the show for reasons no one can 100% confirm. A third season of Twin Peaks was pretty much considered Twin Peaks in name only. The show was going to go on, but things just wouldn’t be the same.

Lynch and Showtime have settled whatever differences existed previously. The director is back in the proverbial saddle once again. Fans do not have to worry about the show deviating from his primary vision.

Lynch has laid relatively low in recent years. He is hardly considered an “A-lister” anymore. So, it was surprising he would bow out of the series. Regardless, he is back in the fold. Fans can rejoice once again.