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Bruce Levenson- Co-Owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Avid Philanthropist

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, born in Washington D.C. to a Jewish family, he grew up in a nearby suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. He also attended school at the Washington University in St. Louis and then decided to finish out school at the American University for his law degree. When attending school at night, Bruce opted to start working for the Washington Star in order to start his career in journalism. Ed Peskowitz along with Bruce Levenson went on in 1977 to form the UCG, United Communications Group. The two of them would meet together in Bruce’s apartment and started the Oil Express, a newsletter that would inform its readers about the current surroundings of the oil industry. Once they had readers and knew what they were doing, they would start a number of other newsletters along with an online database. This database would keep the readers informed of current happenings surrounding healthcare, banking and even energy resources. The group would move on to bigger and better things with the creation of the Gas Buddy app which showed users what gas stations in nearby vicinities offered the best price available. The app has been downloaded by millions and used as a means to help people save money with each gallon of gas purchased. In 2004 Times wrote, Bruce and his friend Ed joined together to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. In addition to purchasing the Hawks, they acquired ownership of the Thrashers alongside of the Phillips Arena. In 2011 however they decided they no longer needed the Thrashers and sold them. Once the Thrashers were sold, they worked together to bring in Danny Ferry in 2012. Danny once was a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and once dropped as a player he worked as their general manager. After Danny left the Cavaliers, he went on to join the San Antonio Spurs as their Vice President of Operations before finally joining the team at the Hawks as their general manager. Bruce Levenson and his family once traveled with the team members to Washington D.C. for a game. While in D.C., Bruce and his family met with the players to teach them about the Holocaust and give their firsthand experience with the Holocaust. Bruce’s mother-in-law is a survivor from the Holocaust and was able to tell her story firsthand to the players. They met the players and then traveled to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Bruce is one of the founding members of the Holocaust Museum. He was also responsible for a number of students going on in school due to his help in the I Have a Dream foundation which helps to sponsor children get into higher education programs and colleges. He also helps in various other programs such as Bringing the Lessons Home which teaches children about the Holocaust. Bruce loves to travel when he is not busy and has been to places such as Antarctica where he spent a number of nights sleeping in a tent. When he is not traveling he spends his time playing basketball himself, golfing and also skiing. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Karen and three sons. They also own a home in Potomac, Maryland.