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Andy Wirth Returns From Injury

For an active person like Chief Operating Office of Squaw Valley, any injury can be hellish. People like Andy Wirth love being in the the outdoors. He is someone who has always prided himself on being able to engage in as many activities as he can. This is why he was determined to get back out into the world after a recent accident nearly claimed his life. Despite this accident, he knew it was important to regain his strength and return to a life of strenuous activity. His job is about being active and helping others to spend time outdoors on the slopes of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Getting back in shape was his aim in order to help return to a life and a job that he truly loves.

A Terrifying Accident

Wirth’s ordeal began when he was skydiving. As he well knows, skydiving is an activity that requires a great deal of concentration and precision. Those who choose to skydive must be keenly aware of their body position at all times. They must also be aware of the best place to land once they come down. The tiniest miscalculation or changes in the direction of the wind may have serious consequences. Wirth, an experienced skydiver, faced conditions in the air that put him where he did not want to be. As a result, he had a serious accident when he was landing.

A Long Recovery

The skydiving accident caused him major injuries including damage to his arm. Laid up in the hospital, he was determined to engage in serious sporting events as soon as possible. His recovery began when his fierce will pushed him to move even further and faster. Since that time, he’s begun ever more intensive exercise sessions. These sessions have given him the strength to return to sports. His running in an Ironman event is all about getting outdoors again and getting confidence back. Thanks to his intense training, he is confident that his injury is one that will not longer mean anything in his life and allow him to return to many sports.