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Alex Pall, the Original DJ from the Chainsmokers

As a young guy in New York City, Alex Pall was obsessed with dance music and worked as a DJ on the side of his regular job at an art gallery. He really wanted to turn DJing into a career and that opportunity came when he hooked up with Andrew Taggart and the Chainsmokers as we know them were born.


Taggart moved down to the big city from Maine and they obsessed together about music, the DJ scene and where they wanted to fit into it all. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had grown up listening to much of the same music and they wanted to be able to express their own sound, not just fit into the electronic genre. The Chainsmokers set themselves apart from other DJs and electronic artists by writing their own songs about their own lives and even singing on some of the tracks. While they do enlist the help of talented friends and lyricists for some songs, they keep the direction going in the way they want it to go.

Eventually, Alex Pall says, they hope to have a full album that is not just a collection of unrelated songs, but a cohesive body of work. He doesn’t just want to stick to the format of every other DJ album with a few hit songs, a couple of dance songs, some okay filler and an interlude.


As the popularity of the Chainsmokers grows, so does their audience. They aren’t just playing to the college crowd anymore. Their fans range from children to people their parents’ age. Thanks to the internet, they also have followers all over the world. Alex Pall finds this reassuring since they mainly make music for themselves and hope others like it as much as they do.


The expansion in their audience has inspired them to keep making their live performances bigger and more exciting. Special guests and big productions mixed with short acts keep the show interesting and keep fans wanting more.

Cassio Audi & His Career

Cassio Audi:

Cassio Audi was a very well known, respected artist. He is from Brazil, and he always knew that being a apart of the music industry was something that he was interested in doing. He was very famous around the 1980s to the 1990s. He was a very talented musician that worked extremely hard to be able to reach high level of success. He was able to work hard enough and engage with his audience and produce two successful albums during his music career.

Cassio Audi

He used to be in a well known music group called the Viper, but this only lasted for two years from 1985-1987. He was still able to gain enough knowledge and experience to have popular songs that would lead him higher up in music career. Some of those songs included: Wings of the evil and the law of the sword. These were one of his most known songs. He would have great engagement with his audience and his audience loved him. In Brazil, he is remembered to be great musician and also a great heavy metal drummer.

Cassio Audi was not only great in the music industry but he was also very well known in the finance and the business industry as well. However, many people rather remember him for being the great artist that he once was. His talent was able to touch many hearts and inspire many to reach for the stars. His audience had a great connection with him and always appreciated listening to him. He will always be remembered for his amazing talent wonderful person.

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How Desiree Perez Made Roc Nation What It Is

Roc Nation is one of the world’s most successful companies for a reason. It’s had the talent of Jay Z and his comrades behind every single move. One of the most notable additions to his team has been Desiree Perez. She has been with him since day one and played a key role in making sure just about everything goes the way it needs to. Her talent has helped bring this company into soaring heights and led to Jay Z’s status as a household name. Much of what has made her essential to his growth is the way that she took her natural talent for business and found ways to amplify it. There are so many people out there trying to do just this that her success is noteworthy.

One of the best examples of how she has helped Roc Nation grow is the recent endeavors into sports the company has seen. Perez was responsible for helping the company enter this territory and find the best way to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks to her insight Roc Nation has become more than a music company. It’s become a company with a tentacle in just about every single domain of entertainment. Nothing is too far or too difficult for Roc Nation at this moment. It’s a company with an eye towards billions and will do just about everything to make sure that happens.

The success of Roc Nation is something that people can generally look at this and decide that there is much to this company to understand. Desiree Perez is only the first person in a long line to do this. There are others who have the same ambition and want to copy her success. Given how far she’s gone over the decades that advice might prove to be useful.

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DJ’s For A New Generation: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, consisting of members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Pop, Electropop, combo who hit the music scene in 2012 ( Pall and Taggart hailing from New York, The Chainsmokers are a DJ Duo that have hit the music scene with a vengeance and their first release “#Selfie” climbed into the top 20 charts in multiple countries.

. This duo is happy to break music stereotypes and Taggart has been quoted as saying their music is “blurring the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.

With their breakthrough music Pall and Taggart have been extremely successful and were on Forbes 2017 list of the world’s highest paid DJ’s with record-breaking earnings of $38 million


In a recent article in Forbes, The Chainsmokers discussed their new single “Sick Boy” with Hugh McIntyre. Drew Taggart relayed that “Sick Boy” is the first single they have released in nine months and represents the growth the two have achieved in the past four years both artistically and personally


The goal of The Chainsmokers music is to be a reflection of their generation and how they interpret the world around them and how events and circumstances affect them personally. According to Taggart their new single and current music has taken a darker tone as they have become a bit frustrated that they are judged by things that are said about them instead of who they actually are and what they actually stand for.

Social media is a great venue to get their music and name out to the public, but can also project artists and people in general in a way that is open to interpretation and can be filled with stories that are not true so instead of getting angry they decided to relay their frustration in a positive way through their music.

Pall noted that although the two have always held themselves to a high standard, their success has at times been a bit overwhelming and surreal as their music seems to reach a new chart stats with recurring frequency


Even though The Chainsmokers have been extremely successful they are still excited to produce music that not only makes their fans happy, but also is fun to create


The Chainsmokers Are Not A Bad Habit

Music today has taken many twists and turns in every conceivable direction. Many talented people are endeavoring into this highly competitive market in hopes of getting just one musical break. Sometimes it takes years of hard trials to finally find a niche, something that would put you among the ranks of those being heard by millions. The Chainsmokers is a musical duo who had their first chart topper in 2015. This was also their first attempt at being musicians, they were both producers. Their song went to the top very rapidly, which was overwhelming for even a long-time musician. In the two years that they have been together, they have had a different song on the chart for several consecutive months. (More about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


The Chainsmokers consist of the two producers Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart. Some of their songs included their first top ten single, Roses. They were unstoppable for months after that. Others chart breakers were Paris, and Something Like This. The song Closer was on the chart for twelve weeks. The duo really did not take up singing until after their first hit. Popularity has skyrocketed greatly for the duo. The Chainsmokers have won five iHeartRadio Music Awards, two American Music Awards, a Grammy Award and are continually preparing to release some new musical treats since their beginnings.


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. However, in keeping up with what is going on in the world, and adapting their music accordingly, they are now taking their music to what they term, a darker side. Their new release, Sick Boy, is their introduction into their new phase.


In a interview, Drew Taggart explained the significance of their new song. He told an interviewer that the song Sick Boy was written out of frustration. It depicted how you felt when you become only a facsimile of who and what you really are. You are more conformed into what people think, write and say about you. The pair thought it very important to put all of these sentiments into their new music. So, with this type of music illustrating the world of today, the Chainsmokers are intending to reach people in many aspects of music appreciation. They intention of the two is to appeal to everyone who will hear their music and may identify with the lyrics. The road to stardom was smooth for this fantastic duo.Find More Information Here.


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Alex Pall: Transitioning and Transforming

The Chainsmokers is a duo of DJs who have come a long way from the status quo of what DJs are usually defined as, and they are fine with it; in fact, that’s what they aspire to do and be. At least that’s what they are trying to achieve, as they sit describing the details surrounding them coming together as a group. It seems destined the two known as Pall and Taggart would come to work together, as the whereabouts regarding the formation of the Chain-smoker’s are spilled from their memory. Pall describes how he was enamored with DJing always and how it was “consuming” his life and how he wanted to give it a “proper shot.”


It seems he was already becoming active in the music community and only one component was missing, enter Andrew who he describes meeting casually with the words put simply “I was working with our same manager now at that time, and then he introduced me to Drew. So we met and just immediately started working.” That’s how it all started they wrap-up as the interviewer ask for more information about “how” did they know it would work them as a group. Too which Pall responds basically with the conversations the two held, “it became a chat about how driven and ambitious we were and how badly we really wanted this.” This seemingly instant and meant to be chemistry is more built upon as they reveal how they went from working week to week to sun up to sun down, ” 9 AM to 7 PM” to be exact. (See: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Next, the conversation shifts to details regarding where they are and where they are headed as artists. Pall talks about how they notice the cookie cutter formulas other artist in their genre seem to bask in and how uninspired the music is becoming. They in no way shape or form want to do the same. For example, he mentions how they made songs about their personal lives one in particular about an ex-girlfriend of his. These types of songs relate to their audience on a personal level and that’s what they do that others don’t that puts them a cut above. They talk about how older works have reached certain demographics and how they want to expand that with their upcoming work.


It seems The Chainsmokers is transitioning from just pop artist to something more and that’s how they like it transitioning and transforming. This article gives us hope for the future of music as they end the interview of details of how they are improving their live shows to more than just music and their personal goals to become more than just dance music creators. The Smokers end their interview with the statement ” for us it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.” I guess it’s safe to say the new music they create will show just what they have for fans to experience. Click Here for related information.



No “Illusions” for Cassio Audi

As a teenager, Brazilian Cassio Audi was inspired by heavy metal music from U.K. bands like Def Leopard and Iron Maiden. Along with 4 teenage friends, he co-founded the Viper Rock Music Band one of Brazil’s iconic Heavy metal bands. Audi’s talented expertise on the drums with his loud, forceful beats played an important part of their unique sound.


In 1985, Viper recorded a demo by the name of The Killer Sword, which included the tracks Killera, Nightmare and Signs of the Night. Audi was inspirational in flooding Brazilian airways with tracks from the disc and the band’s popularity exploded. Their fame progressed to staging shows in Europe and American continents with Audi playing all drum sets.

As tours continued, Audi composed songs and was innovative in the release of their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987, which included several songs from their demo disc. Audi was instrumental in marketing the album and wrote one of the songs featured on it.

The album received mixed reviews from critics and most agreed that the overall “raw” sound of the band needed improvement, but all acclaimed Audi’s prowess on the drums. Despite these reviews, the album and the band rocketed to stardom.

Audi continued to compose and Viper’s next album, Theatre of Fate, released in 1989, was an immediate success. Tracks included Illusions and A Cry from the Edge with most lyrics written by band member, Pit Passarell. This album and Soldiers of Sunrise were re-released in 1997.

Throughout these successful years with the band, Cassio Audi had divided aspirations. He has a remarkable musical talent and is still a legend in Brazilian rock music, but his decision to leave the band soon after the second album only makes him more iconic in the music industry.

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Desiree Perez Is The Rock in ROC Nation

Des Perez, as she is widely referred, is the chief operations officer at ROC Nation, a post she has held since 2009,she is involved with ROC Nations publishing and labeling operations, as well as management of its activities. She has been the right hand man for Jay Z,ROC Nations head and is known to be a tough negotiator reputed to drive hard bargains for her boss and the Roc nation entity.

Samsung Deal with Rihanna on her Anti album.

She has recently been involved in closing the deal for Rihanna’s 2016 album,Anti, with technology giant company Samsung, a deal worth $25 million and will have the company pay for Rihanna’s upcoming tour to promote the album, which was certified platinum within 14 hours of it being released for online download. The deal has also had Samsung do a lot of commercial advertising to promote the album, include a dedicated website.

Live Nation and ROC Nation 360 deal

Back in 2008, Universal music group signed a ten year deal with ROC Nations head Jay Z, worth $150 million. The deal is due to expire next year andcan trigger a buy-sell option which will have either ROC Nation or the universal music group subsidiary buy a stake into or entirely buy out the others business. Sources say Perez and Jay Z met with UMG chairman and chief executive officer, Sir. Graingein his California offices; which has fueled speculation of UMG buying a stake into ROC Nation. and more information click here.


If it becomes a reality, the deal will give Jay Z more resources with which to nurture new artists, it would also mean that UMG own a larger stake of the ROC Nations artists, though insider sources have said Live Nation is not interested in buying recorded music. Perez is said to have had UMG sign a music distribution deal with ROC Nation. and Follow him

Sergio Cortes Is Honored To Impersonate Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes never wanted to have just the typical job. He never wanted to be the typical man. So, when the opportunity arose for him to become an impersonator of a celebrity, he decided to do it. He was excited to take on the life of a famous man, and he was anxious to get started. There are many people who love Michael Jackson and all of the great things that the man had done, and Sergio Cortes is one of them. So when he started to impersonate Michael Jackson he knew that he had to do everything right.
Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into getting everything done well in his impersonation of the singer. He’s made sure that his look matches what Michael Jackson had, and he’s made sure that all of his moves are just right, as well. He has always wanted to be good at the things that he is doing, and he can feel great about where he has taken things with his impersonation of the man, as he is now being called the best Michael Jackson impersonator. People see that he has put a ton of work into the things that he is doing and they respect him for that. They like that he cares so much about getting his act right, and they like that he is paying a great deal of respect to the singer.

Sergio Cortes fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music and personality when he was just a child, and he has had a lot of fun with impersonating him. He’s enjoyed himself as he has worked hard to become the man, and he is happy with the job that he currently has. He never wanted to have a typical job, and being an impersonator is about as far as it can get from that. He’s glad to be doing things so differently with his life, and he is glad to have the chance to impersonate someone so great. Michael Jackson was loved by all, and Sergio Cortes is honored to represent him in a small way.

Sergio Cortés Brings Joy To Many As Michael Jackson Impersonator

It’s not often that we as adults get to do the things that we really want to do. We daydream about doing incredible things when we are children, and perhaps even into our teen years. But when we get older, and the pressures of life and responsibilities of adulthood press in, we give up those ideas and dreams. Sergio Cortés had a dream from his youth and unlike many, actually followed through on his dream. He is now is living a life that few of us can even imagine. He is known throughout the world as one of the best Michael Jackson celebrity impersonators alive today. And his rise to fame and fortune came in a most unusual way.

As a child, Cortés was obsessed with the Jackson Five, and in particular their lead singer, Michael Jackson. He had dozens of video performances of the singer, and he used to watch those performances constantly day and night. He would watch Michael Jackson dance and imitate his moves. He would watch how the singer would gesture and sing, and Cortés would follow suit. He got to the point where he was literally able to do everything that Michael Jackson did. He put together a small act that he only did for family and friends, little knowing that it would be a chance encounter to thrust him into stardom.

One day, Cortés was out and about, when he was spotted by a photographer who took pictures for a local newspaper. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés looked like Michael Jackson. The photographer stopped him, spoke to him for a few minutes, then asked him if he could take a picture of him to be published in the local newspaper. Cortés readily agreed to have his picture taken, and the next day the photograph was published. The photograph made Cortés an instant sensation, and soon talent agents and entertainment organizations were beating down his door.

It was at that point that Cortés decided to become a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. Now he travels the world, imitating his childhood hero. He maintains a Facebook page filled with well-wishers and messages from his thousands of fans. On the page he posts pictures from his different concerts and photo shoots. He has the support of his many fans, and continues to perform in shows and concerts in every part of the globe.

Sergio Cortés is now doing the things that he loves to do: emulating the greatest entertainer who ever lived, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Through his celebrity impersonation, joy is spread to thousands of his fans and millions around the world. For one brief moment, the people that see him get to revisit the incredible talent of one of the 20th century’s greatest performers.