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No “Illusions” for Cassio Audi

As a teenager, Brazilian Cassio Audi was inspired by heavy metal music from U.K. bands like Def Leopard and Iron Maiden. Along with 4 teenage friends, he co-founded the Viper Rock Music Band one of Brazil’s iconic Heavy metal bands. Audi’s talented expertise on the drums with his loud, forceful beats played an important part of their unique sound.

In 1985, Viper recorded a demo by the name of The Killer Sword, which included the tracks Killera, Nightmare and Signs of the Night. Audi was inspirational in flooding Brazilian airways with tracks from the disc and the band’s popularity exploded. Their fame progressed to staging shows in Europe and American continents with Audi playing all drum sets.

As tours continued, Audi composed songs and was innovative in the release of their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987, which included several songs from their demo disc. Audi was instrumental in marketing the album and wrote one of the songs featured on it.

The album received mixed reviews from critics and most agreed that the overall “raw” sound of the band needed improvement, but all acclaimed Audi’s prowess on the drums. Despite these reviews, the album and the band rocketed to stardom.

Audi continued to compose and Viper’s next album, Theatre of Fate, released in 1989, was an immediate success. Tracks included Illusions and A Cry from the Edge with most lyrics written by band member, Pit Passarell. This album and Soldiers of Sunrise were re-released in 1997.

Throughout these successful years with the band, Cassio Audi had divided aspirations. He has a remarkable musical talent and is still a legend in Brazilian rock music, but his decision to leave the band soon after the second album only makes him more iconic in the music industry.

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Desiree Perez Is The Rock in ROC Nation

Des Perez, as she is widely referred, is the chief operations officer at ROC Nation, a post she has held since 2009,she is involved with ROC Nations publishing and labeling operations, as well as management of its activities. She has been the right hand man for Jay Z,ROC Nations head and is known to be a tough negotiator reputed to drive hard bargains for her boss and the Roc nation entity.

Samsung Deal with Rihanna on her Anti album.

She has recently been involved in closing the deal for Rihanna’s 2016 album,Anti, with technology giant company Samsung, a deal worth $25 million and will have the company pay for Rihanna’s upcoming tour to promote the album, which was certified platinum within 14 hours of it being released for online download. The deal has also had Samsung do a lot of commercial advertising to promote the album, include a dedicated website.

Live Nation and ROC Nation 360 deal

Back in 2008, Universal music group signed a ten year deal with ROC Nations head Jay Z, worth $150 million. The deal is due to expire next year andcan trigger a buy-sell option which will have either ROC Nation or the universal music group subsidiary buy a stake into or entirely buy out the others business. Sources say Perez and Jay Z met with UMG chairman and chief executive officer, Sir. Graingein his California offices; which has fueled speculation of UMG buying a stake into ROC Nation. and more information click here.


If it becomes a reality, the deal will give Jay Z more resources with which to nurture new artists, it would also mean that UMG own a larger stake of the ROC Nations artists, though insider sources have said Live Nation is not interested in buying recorded music. Perez is said to have had UMG sign a music distribution deal with ROC Nation. and Follow him

Sergio Cortes Is Honored To Impersonate Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes never wanted to have just the typical job. He never wanted to be the typical man. So, when the opportunity arose for him to become an impersonator of a celebrity, he decided to do it. He was excited to take on the life of a famous man, and he was anxious to get started. There are many people who love Michael Jackson and all of the great things that the man had done, and Sergio Cortes is one of them. So when he started to impersonate Michael Jackson he knew that he had to do everything right.
Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into getting everything done well in his impersonation of the singer. He’s made sure that his look matches what Michael Jackson had, and he’s made sure that all of his moves are just right, as well. He has always wanted to be good at the things that he is doing, and he can feel great about where he has taken things with his impersonation of the man, as he is now being called the best Michael Jackson impersonator. People see that he has put a ton of work into the things that he is doing and they respect him for that. They like that he cares so much about getting his act right, and they like that he is paying a great deal of respect to the singer.

Sergio Cortes fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music and personality when he was just a child, and he has had a lot of fun with impersonating him. He’s enjoyed himself as he has worked hard to become the man, and he is happy with the job that he currently has. He never wanted to have a typical job, and being an impersonator is about as far as it can get from that. He’s glad to be doing things so differently with his life, and he is glad to have the chance to impersonate someone so great. Michael Jackson was loved by all, and Sergio Cortes is honored to represent him in a small way.

Sergio Cortés Brings Joy To Many As Michael Jackson Impersonator

It’s not often that we as adults get to do the things that we really want to do. We daydream about doing incredible things when we are children, and perhaps even into our teen years. But when we get older, and the pressures of life and responsibilities of adulthood press in, we give up those ideas and dreams. Sergio Cortés had a dream from his youth and unlike many, actually followed through on his dream. He is now is living a life that few of us can even imagine. He is known throughout the world as one of the best Michael Jackson celebrity impersonators alive today. And his rise to fame and fortune came in a most unusual way.

As a child, Cortés was obsessed with the Jackson Five, and in particular their lead singer, Michael Jackson. He had dozens of video performances of the singer, and he used to watch those performances constantly day and night. He would watch Michael Jackson dance and imitate his moves. He would watch how the singer would gesture and sing, and Cortés would follow suit. He got to the point where he was literally able to do everything that Michael Jackson did. He put together a small act that he only did for family and friends, little knowing that it would be a chance encounter to thrust him into stardom.

One day, Cortés was out and about, when he was spotted by a photographer who took pictures for a local newspaper. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés looked like Michael Jackson. The photographer stopped him, spoke to him for a few minutes, then asked him if he could take a picture of him to be published in the local newspaper. Cortés readily agreed to have his picture taken, and the next day the photograph was published. The photograph made Cortés an instant sensation, and soon talent agents and entertainment organizations were beating down his door.

It was at that point that Cortés decided to become a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. Now he travels the world, imitating his childhood hero. He maintains a Facebook page filled with well-wishers and messages from his thousands of fans. On the page he posts pictures from his different concerts and photo shoots. He has the support of his many fans, and continues to perform in shows and concerts in every part of the globe.

Sergio Cortés is now doing the things that he loves to do: emulating the greatest entertainer who ever lived, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Through his celebrity impersonation, joy is spread to thousands of his fans and millions around the world. For one brief moment, the people that see him get to revisit the incredible talent of one of the 20th century’s greatest performers.

Sergio Cortes Keeps Michael Jackson’s Spirit And Dance Moves Alive

The death of Michael Jackson has left many people sad. They miss his great music, his innovative dance moves, and intriguing outfits. While Michael Jackson is not coming back, his fans can enjoy the next best thing. It’s Sergio Cortes, the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes moves, sounds and looks just like Michael Jackson naturally. When he puts on the costumes and adds in the music, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. He makes fans have to do a double-take and look closer to see if they can tell the difference. Michael Jackson once hired Cortes to impersonate him.

Being mistaken for Michael Jackson is nothing new for Sergio Cortes. Ever since he was a child in Barcelona, Spain people were struck by the uncanny resemblance in face and body type Cortes has for the king of pop. Plus Michael is Cortes’ idol and Cortes has been mimicking his dance moves since age 5 or 6. Cortes was so good at it, he had his friends and family mesmerized. While he was still a pre-teen people would come from miles around to see him dance. People would photograph him and journalists began doing stories about him in the local newspapers. Cortes was having tons of fun.

When someone uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael to the internet, everything changed. Cortes went from being a local celebrity to an international sensation. Agents began asking to represent him. He began appearing on shows and television programs. By his teenage years he was becoming a full-fledged Michael Jackson impersonator. The crowds at his performances continued to grow. It was at that point Sergio Cortes began to realize he may have

a future in entertainment.

That the Michael Jackson moves and mannerisms that he had been perfecting his entire life could now lead to a career.

These days Cortes lives in Brazil and performs to thousands of adoring fans all over South America. His latest tour starts in Italy and will take him all over Europe. It is a 2 hour long show in which he will be performing the Michael Jackson classics like Thriller, Black and White, and Billie Jean with a live band and backup dancers. It’s sure to be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for the people that get the chance to see him. He drives audiences into a frenzy with his incredibly authentic-looking dance moves.

Sergio Cortes Portrays The Looks And Personalities Of Michael Jackson Through Impersonation

Michael Jackson, also popularly referred to as the King of Pop is known all over the world. The legendary Pop music artist left a mark in the world of music with his thrilling performances and dancing styles. It is often said that imitation is a great form of flattery, and when it comes to Michael Jackson, that phrase proves to be true.


There may be many people out there who may claim that they are the best in impersonating Jackson, but only a handful of them have truly mastered the King of Pop in regard to his artistic performance and as an individual. Sergio Cortes Parra is among the individuals who have portrayed Jackson in stage character or artistic performance as well as in personality, and no wonder is popularly known as Sergio Jackson.


Sergio Cortes is considered the best in impersonating Jackson from the looks, through moves to his voice. Cortes offers a complete package in imitating Jackson and has been a sensation in Brazil. On June 26th, 2015, a tribute to Michael Jackson was held in Milan, Italy.


Sergio Cortes, the most acclaimed impersonator of Jackson was on stage. His performance made Jackson to return to life. He portrayed a shocking image of Jackson not only physically but also in vocal resemblance. The moves, stances, and clothing by Cortes delighted everyone on stage often drawing audiences into a truly live Michael Jackson’s experience.


Everyone felt as though The King of Pop were on stage. Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and is a client of Destiny Projects. This is a company specializing in management and nurturing of artistic development. The fans of Cortes are very supportive and think that he has transformed the lives of many from his love and passion for his work.


Cortes was characterized as Jackson since he was a teenager, and this has won him invitations to work in this field. In 2012, Cortes paid tribute to Jackson in a show that was held in Madrid.


Jackson impersonators are many and individuals have even taken it as a professional career to imitate him. The impersonators are able to create a resemblance of Jackson in his different stages of life including a change in skin tone. Michael Jackson will always be honored and will never be forgotten provided that there people appreciating his artistic work, looks, and personality. His spirit continues to live among people.

The Multi-Talented Brian Mulligan Mesmerizes Audiences around the World

Talented artists abound in many different musical genres. One of the most competitive entertainment fields for entertainers is opera. To captivate an audience opera singers must be capable of delivering powerfully precise vocal performances upon demand. Male baritone singers frequently deliver superb performances yet remain in the background as relatively unknown personalities. It takes true “star power” as well as innate talent to create a recognizable name in the world of classical music.

Opera stars must set themselves apart from the competition in order to stand out from the crowd. One of the brightest operatic stars to garner attention in recent years is Brian Mulligan. This New York born baritone hails from the city of Endicott and he has been creating some serious buzz among fans and critics alike.

Mulligan is a trained vocalist who began to hone his skills at the Juilliard School in Manhattan, New York. Upon graduation this talented baritone attended Yale University. He currently studies under the guidance of vocal instructor W. Stephen Smith. This individual also began instructing Mulligan during his college years.

Although he was still enrolled as a Juilliard student Brian made his official stage debut when he appeared in a Metropolitan Opera show. This would be his first public debut as an operatic performer but it would not be his last. Audiences were astounded to hear the power and crystal-clear notes that this young baritone offered. Mulligan also had an effortless grace and a commanding presence on stage that readily belied his young age.

Brian Mulligan has been featured at many different opera houses. His performances include roles in shows at Chicago’s Lyric Opera; the San Francisco Opera; Houston’s Grand Opera, the NY City Opera and even the Oper Frankfurt.

His voice has been described as richly melodic, powerful and smooth. Mulligan also possesses an incredible presence that resonates with his audiences. These are the talents that have helped Brian Mulligan achieve wide-spread fame and recognition early in his career. Although he has already been paired with many of the world’s best known opera stars Brian Mulligan can easily hold his own with any of these stars. It is fair to say that he has “stolen the show” on more than one occasion.

Among his many roles have been performances as “Sweeney Todd”, “Jack Torrance”, “Enrico” and Count Anckarström. The characters that Mulligan brings to life are both varied and complex. From ultra-classical operas to show-stopping modern theater it is quite obvious that Brian Mulligan has the “chops’ to make each role his own.

Scientific Reasons Why Hannah Montana Quit

Miley Cyrus was well known as Hannah Montana for years. Hannah Montana made such an impression on young girls that it spawned many different products. There were bed sheets, clothes, backpacks, and anything you can think of that had Hannah Montana on it. Why Hannah Montana Quit. Hannah Montana products made so much money that they predicted that Miley Cyrus could be a billionaire by the time she reached 20 years old. Unfortunately, Miley got tired of being Hannah Montana, and she quit being her alter ego on the show as well as in real life.

We see what Miley Cyrus has turned into, and she is as far from Hannah Montana as she could possibly be. Miley acts out, she poses naked, she pushes the limits, and she does everything she can to get away from her alter ego which she posts on Facebook. No one even knows Miley as Hannah Montana anymore, because she looks nothing like her, and her behavior is completely different. They have scientifically proven why Miley stopped being Hannah Montana, but no science is needed for this answer.

The problem is, Miley grew up. When teenagers grow up, they tend to be rebellious, and they want to go against the grain. Teenagers want to find out who they are for themselves, and they don’t want anyone else telling them who they’re going to be. Miley grew up in the world of entertainment, and she got tired of being the good girl, and she just wanted to be something different, that’s all.

Kendall Jenner And Amber Rose Attend Coachella

This year’s Coachella music festival has produced several controversial moments. However, many people were expecting to see something juicy when they heard that Amber Rose and Kendall Jenner would be appearing at the event. If you haven’t heard by now, Kendall Jenner and Amber Rose were involved in a ruthless Twitter battle.

Amber Rose is the ex fiance of rap superstar Kanye West, and Kanye apparently decided to call it quits before officially tying the knot to Amber. Mr. West has been with several different women since his breakup with Rose, but the world knows that Kanye is now married to reality superstar Kim Kardashian. Anyways, Kendall and Amber started fighting on Twitter for an unknown reason. However, the entire Kardashian family was soon involved. Khloe Kardashian took most of the abuse from Amber, but Klhoe landed some vicious blows as well. The beef has since calmed, and it seems that the Kardashians and Amber Rose are done fighting, for now, stated Dan Newlin.

When it was announced that Kendall Jenner and Amber Rose were at Coachella, many people were hoping that a physical altercation would occur between the two celebrities. However, Amber Rose and Kendall Jenner did not say a word to each other, and they most likely never even saw one another. That is good news for Kendall because Amber Rose is crazy, and things wouldn’t have ended well for the young Jenner. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Again

Chris Brown is always in the headlines, usually, not for a good reason. Recently, Chris Brown performed at a nightclub in San Jose, where an incident occurred, but that’s not the reason for the revocation of his probation. Chris Brown Probation. His probation has been revoked, because he went out of Los Angeles County, which was against his probation stipulations. Chris had traveled to San Jose, in order to attend a birthday show, and it was outside of the area that he was permitted to be in.

Not only did Chris Brown violate his probation, it’s possible that he may face jail time again, pending further investigations. Although Chris Brown did face a hearing, he was released, and is to return to court on March 20, 2015, in order to have another hearing about the case. If it’s found that Chris Brown deliberately violated his probation, he’ll be arrested, and may have to face a significant amount of jail time.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Chris Brown violated his probation and had it revoked. It was revoked once before, because he failed to follow the rules of a treatment program that he was in. Chris ended up spending several months in jail, because of his last probation revocation, which caused problems in his current relationship. The star also has 200 hours of community service left, which is the result of the domestic abuse case that Rihanna levied against him in 2009. Dr. Jennifer Walden and I are sad that we can’t listen to his music while he is incarcerated.