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Alex Pall, the Original DJ from the Chainsmokers

As a young guy in New York City, Alex Pall was obsessed with dance music and worked as a DJ on the side of his regular job at an art gallery. He really wanted to turn DJing into a career and that opportunity came when he hooked up with Andrew Taggart and the Chainsmokers as we know them were born.


Taggart moved down to the big city from Maine and they obsessed together about music, the DJ scene and where they wanted to fit into it all. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had grown up listening to much of the same music and they wanted to be able to express their own sound, not just fit into the electronic genre. The Chainsmokers set themselves apart from other DJs and electronic artists by writing their own songs about their own lives and even singing on some of the tracks. While they do enlist the help of talented friends and lyricists for some songs, they keep the direction going in the way they want it to go.

Eventually, Alex Pall says, they hope to have a full album that is not just a collection of unrelated songs, but a cohesive body of work. He doesn’t just want to stick to the format of every other DJ album with a few hit songs, a couple of dance songs, some okay filler and an interlude.


As the popularity of the Chainsmokers grows, so does their audience. They aren’t just playing to the college crowd anymore. Their fans range from children to people their parents’ age. Thanks to the internet, they also have followers all over the world. Alex Pall finds this reassuring since they mainly make music for themselves and hope others like it as much as they do.


The expansion in their audience has inspired them to keep making their live performances bigger and more exciting. Special guests and big productions mixed with short acts keep the show interesting and keep fans wanting more.

Jay Z and Desiree Perez Sit Down with UMG to Discuss Future

Is there a bigger name in the hip hop community than Jay Z? Jay Z has been one of the most iconic and best selling rap artists in the past several decades and now it looks like his career is about to hit a new high with a major payday. Ten years ago Jay Z signed a huge deal with Live Nation: a 10 year, $150 million contract that embraced all of Jay Z’s live shows, touring profits, and recorded music. That deal is coming to an end and now Jay Z gets the opportunity to pick his next destination. Will this hip hop mogul take another huge step? Check for additional article

Jay Z and his business partner and long time friend, Desiree Perez, were seen in Santa Monica, CA having a sit down dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge. If the name isn’t familiar to you, Sir Lucian Graine is the CEO at Universal Music Group. The sit down meeting was supposedly purely casual but it really is hard to buy into that PR spin, at least in the wake of Jay Z’s contract coming to an end and the obvious fact that he will be shopping for a new deal.    Hit on for an update of Dez recent timeline activities.

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If Desiree Perez and Jay Z guide their work with Roc Nation toward Universal Music Group then Jay Z could be in for a huge payday. The team of artists at Roc Nation is huge already and the added push of UMG could end up being a game changer in the music market. Still, there are no sure things and Jay Z might not even be leaving his contract with Live Nation. Live Nation has, so far, gone on record as saying they aren’t interested in representing Jay Z’s recorded music but they would still be interested in making a deal for his touring rights.  Additional article to read on

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As Roc Nation Grows It Builds Upon Wins That Music Exec Desiree Perez Helped Them Score

While it is fair to think of Jay Z as an accomplished musician that has produced iconic rap songs and to recognize his status as a high-profile fixture in the world of hip-hop, it is also accurate to recognize that the mogul also has a strong track record when it comes to identifying, nurturing and developing superstars. It is easy to forget that it was Jay Z who gave the Bajan pop singer Rihanna a chance at music stardom and that it was his business acumen is arguably what helped lay the foundation for her success. Jay Z also helped to discover the North Carolina-born rapper J. Cole who has become favorite among hip-hop enthusiasts and is poised to be part of the next generation of the genre’s greatest artists. He also helped to discover the producer, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West who has now become of the biggest names in rap and in music in the world. All of these artists are now part of the shortlist that includes the world’s most popular pop stars and rappers. Given Jay Z’s track record as discovering and developing talent it is little surprise that he is reportedly planning to launch a new venture that is known as ARRIVE that will capitalize, in part, on this competency.  For more, click

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According to the technology publication TechCrunch Jay Z’s company Roc Nation will be launching ARRIVE as an entity that will offer new startups a cocktail of services that include business development, brand development services and capital raising. In a press release a Roc Nation executive notes that Roc Nation plans to use the expertise it has in the worlds of sports management, brand development and artist management to help entrepreneurs be successful.   Learn more about Perez, visit

Tidal executive and Jay Z insider Desiree Perez has arguably been a big part of the successes that Roc Nation has had in the worlds of sports management and artist development. She has lent her skills as a negotiator to helping artists like Rihanna and Kanye West that started out at Roc Nation navigate the new world of digital music by helping to manage their digital releases. As Roc Nation and Jay Z moves forward into the uncharted territory of startups by building upon its past successes in music it is probably likely that they will be calling upon Desiree Perez’s expertise to help them during this new chapter.  Be updated about Perez, follow her on

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