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Desiree Perez – Building Big Business for Tidal

Today, streaming music is a big industry. With all of the people who are looking for streaming music, this industry is bringing in millions of dollars annually. Desiree Perez is currently working on driving a large chunk of this business into Tidal. Even though the company is newer, it is planning to take the world by storm.

In order to get things off the ground, several executives have stepped down and management has been rearranged. However, Jay-Z, the founder, has not changed his mind about the positive future of the business. Even though he is inexperienced in this part of the industry, he is sticking to his business plans. Even with the changes in management, Jay-Z has managed to adjust his plan to maintain the business.

With the help of Desiree Perez, Jay-Z has brought Tidal to the point of a thriving business with a constant flow of new membership sign-ups. Desiree’s plan was to build curiosity about the business in order to bring in new customers. This interest keeps growing, and she is hoping that it spreads out of control very soon.

Jay-Z is working from a lot of different angles. However, bringing Perez on board seems to be the best angle he has taken so far. Desiree Perez is taking time out of her own business in order to make Tidal a success. Since bringing her on board, the app has taken off dramatically in comparison to previous years. The credit is given to her based on her own experience in business and marketing, as well as her managerial talents. More uptades from Perez on

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Even though Jay-Z is working toward making Tidal more successful, he states that any purchase offer would not be turned down if he were approached. Until then, Tidal will work on building itself up, even though it does not have the same financial resources as its competitors.   Follow Dez on her page, and read more related articles..

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The Tidal Experience Through the Eyes of Desiree Perez

Desire Perez is making a name for herself as a stern business negotiator. Her skills are very impressive with the revitalization of Tidal. She has been able to connect fans to Tidal and Jay-Z is really impressed with what she has managed to do so far. Her time with Tidal is good because she brings forth a whole new level of attention to a company that many people overlooked. The Tidal lossless audio experience is giving people premium access to a whole new streaming service, and Desiree Perez is helping this company evolve.

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Desiree Perez has been in many type situations before where people have counted her out. She has risen to the top in an almost magical way in the business world. Dez has dealt with struggle in her personal life and she knows how to turn things around. She also knows how to turn things around in the business world as well, and Jay-Z respected this ability to balance personal and work life. In many ways he feels that they are cut from the same cloth so it only makes sense for him to utilize her talents for this music streaming service.  Read more on

Many people are looking at Tidal and the competition that is in place. Spotify is moving in on the lossless audio. Apple is competing by introducing celebrity hosts for radio shows. There is a large amount of competition, but Desiree Perez is playing another card. She is helping Tidal move forward with exclusive content. The Prince catalog was exclusive, and that was something that gave Tidal the edge. Now there is a shift that is moving more towards exclusive video and audio from new artists. There is a lot of praised for this content, and Desiree Perez has made fans aware that Tidal is very innovative.