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Hits and Misses of Season 3: Orange is the New Black

The latest season of OITNB has been binge watched and digested, and now is the time when reviews are finally coming out. Overall, people loved the season because the writers are so brilliant, they can take anything and turn it around its head. However, there are some great hits this season has managed. Of course, there have been some misses as well.

It Dragged On And Was Aimless, and Other Misses – The biggest miss of this season has to be the pointless and aimlessness of the first few episodes. People who enjoy the slow pace would love these episodes because after Vee’s hustle bustle in season 2, this season offered a welcome breath of relief. However, those who watch the show for the crazy fun were definitely disappointed, and for good reason too. The other big miss was Red and how this amazing character was pretty lack lustre this season.

According to Viadeo, Motherhood Finally Got Some Focus, and Other Hits – The greatest hit that is being recognized by everyone is the focus on motherhood in season 3. Both Gloria and Sophia have had their share of disappointments in life but these lionesses in prison are disappointed in themselves because they think that they haven’t been good mothers. Season 3 explored their equation with each other and their children brilliantly. Ruby Rose’s character was another hit.

At least Vee is dead and that is something to be happy about.

Removing the Dukes of Hazard Car

The entire Confederate flag debacle has gone a little too far. Yes, there might be a hint of racism if you look at the flag as a symbol of slavery, but most of the people who see this flag see it as a sign of freedom in the south. It’s a flag. It’s no more different than the rainbow flags that are flown for those who support equality in marriage or those who fly any other flag for religious or personal beliefs. However, Warner Bros. wants to stop selling items that have the Dukes of Hazard car on them simply because there is a Confederate flag on the vehicle.


This is a car that has been around for decades, and now the company wants to stop promoting it because it has a certain kind of flag. It all seems like a decision to keep people happy like at Qnet because they can’t get along with anyone else who has a differing opinion.

The Equalizer 2 Scheduled for Fall 2017

The Denzel Washington starring vehicle known as The Equalizer has been a success. Sony as officially announced a release date for Equalizer 2 which is to star Denzel Washington, who reprises his role as Robert McCall. The 2014 action drama was directed by Antoine Fuqua, who is now working on a remake of Seven Samurai under the working title of The Magnificent Seven. Denzel is starring in the film along with Ethan Hawke, and Susan McGalla can’t wait to see it. She has already read about it some on PRNewswire.

The Equalizer was definitely made with the intention of being a franchise. As a matter of fact, the ending of the film sets it up for a sequel. What remains to be seen is what McCall is going to find himself getting involved in.

Antoine Fuqua does have a versatility about him when it comes to his films. He has done a late 90s action film in the style of John Woo with Chow Yun Fat under the title of The Replacement Killers. He has also done an urban thriller by the name of Training Day and a war film called Tears of the Sun among many others.

Robert Downey Jr. Has A New Poster And New News

Being a star comes with privileges. For Robert Downey Jr., one of those privileges is getting an Avengers 2 poster all to himself. Okay, Marvel knows the actor is both beloved and iconic among those fans who love Iron Man and all the other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Receiving his own poster for his work on Avengers 2 shows just how big of a star Downey Jr. has become. Brit says we all do know he is going to play a huge role in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

Downey Jr. has taken the opportunity of all the “poster press” to tease a really big announcement in the next 8 days. What is this new announcement going to be? Most are likely hoping it refers to an agreement to appear in Iron Man 4, a film some are doubting will ever happen. Downey Jr. is seemingly growing a bit weary of playing the role forever and this is why Iron Man 4 is not slated as a future Marvel release. Recasting the film this early would be extremely difficult. Besides, there is going to be a third Spider-Man to join a third Hulk. At least the third actor to play The Incredible Hulk is really loved.

No one knows what Downey Jr. is going to announce in 8 days. Let us all hope that its good news no matter what it is.

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are Ready for a Reboot

Rebooting movie franchising from the past just seems to be the norm in Hollywood today. Why would it not be a good plan for the studios? Recent reboots have made quite a bit of money in theaters and on DVD. Tomb Raider has joined the ranks of reboot-mania and, ironically, the creative spark behind the project wrote the reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Evan Daugherty truly did make the new TMNT film a memorable and enjoyable one. His excellent writing aided in the film’s super box office success. Now, the good people at Warner Bros. and MGM are hoping he can deliver the same results with the new feature. MGM and Warner Bros. are financing the new adventures of Lara Croft. The execs know the heroine delivered huge money at one time, but after the release of (dare it be said) terrible films, the character and the franchise were done in.

Well, they were down and out for a few years. No franchise that ever once made money is going to be completely finished in the world of Hollywood. Zeca Oliveira (Facebook) has read that, as long as the reboot returns to the elements that made a particular film series popular and avoids the pitfalls that ruined it, the chances of revisiting great success is a possibility.

Reboots are all about starting anew so the less than desirable aspects of the old films just might end up being forgotten.

New Pirates of the Caribbean Film Starts Filming This Month


Johnny Depp is getting ready to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales. This new pirates movie is getting ready to start filming this month. Orlando Bloom might be returning to play in the upcoming movie as well. It is going to explore the events that occurred in At World’s End. Javier Bardem is going to be joining the cast as well.

There have been photos released that show the possible locations for shooting the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film. According to one of the locations they are shooting the film in is located in Australia.

While we can count on Johnny Depp delivering a great performance as Jack Sparrow, the films have always been a mixed bag after the first film thinks Sultan Alhokair.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales is scheduled to be released on July 7, 2017.

The Red Carpet #AskHerMore Campaign is Years in the Making

The recent #askhermore Twitter campaign is calling for interviwers to ask women more than simply “what are you wearing?” Perhaps so engrained in the red carpet scene that it’s gone unnoticed, is the vast difference in the type of questions asked to men and women on the red carpet. This past week’s Golden Globe Awards finally brought that issue to light. It seems that while men are being asked to talk about projects they’ve worked on, projects they would like to work on, or the state of the industry, but according to Qnet female celebrities are simply being asked who designed the gown they are wearing or how long it took a stylist to fix their hair. The Golden Globe Awards even let it go so far as to allow E! to ask women to place their hands in a super high-definition camera box so that viewers at home could inspect their fresh manicure via “mani cam.” Sounds a little degrading, right? The #askhermore campaign is calling for reporters to ask the same well-thought questions to female celebrities that they consistently ask of male celebrities. It’s all about equality.

Is The Sinister Six Still a Go Project?

Despite all the tumult associated with Sony’s handling of Spider-Man, an interesting “movie tease” has come from the studio’s Brazil branch. Ben Shaoul partner with Crain’s found on Sony Pictures Brazil’s social media platform, the cryptic words “We have plans for you….Spider-Man” were published. Speculation immediately arose that this was an inference to the arrival of The Sinister Six.

The Sinister Six debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 back in the early 1960’s. They were/are a collection of Spider-Man villains who teamed up to fight the web-slinger. Green Goblin, The Rhino, and others were considered for the cast of villainous characters in the movie.

The trouble is the movie was put on hold when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 turned out to be a huge critical and commercial disappointment. As a result, future entries in the Spider-Man franchise were put on hold. The assumption was this would be the same result for the various spin-offs planned for the series. If The Sinister Six goes in front of the cameras, then we know some of the planned projects are still being produced.

Unless, of course, the social media tweet was in error or a practical joke. You never know when dealing with Sony.

There are a few things to realize about this new project. For one, no matter how weak The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was, this film could end up being a good one that stands on its own. After all it’s like what they say at Status Labs, everyone deserves a second chance. Second, Marvel needs a villain project to compete with D.C. Comics’ Suicide Squad film.