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Metal Detecting Club Finds Woman’s Ring

A woman who just spent her honeymoon in Florida had lost her engagement ring that day and was terribly upset. Liz Oswald and her husband were there for just a short while and when she realized that her ring was gone and no where to be seen she was extremely sad and frustrated to lost something that her husband and really worked hard for, and he was very sad to see her so upset about it.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo!, the couple called upon the local metal detecting club to some and save the day. The group of volunteers do this for people anyway, just finding rings and apparently it has been 27 rings they found so far this year including Oswald’s. The even got out in the water and started looking around and at first it kind of seemed like a lost caust, but only after a couple of hours and they found her ring. She was so excited that she broke down crying, as anyone under that much stress might do. And it was fabulous to think that now her husband’s hard work and sweat to earn the cash for that right will not be a lost cause either. In any case, animal rights activist Keith Mann feel it is great that she called the group who she says are the nicest people out there and that they could help her in this way.