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Leonard Nimoy Documentary to be Produced by His Son

Leonard Nimoy made a career out of being an actor and an extraordinary individual, and when those two worlds collide the accomplishments are likely to produce some pretty impressive stories. One story in particular that is about to be told is a biography about Nimoy, which could help fans dealing with the loss of the gifted actor by seeing him on screen one more time.

According to teses.usp.br, the Leonard Nimoy documentary will be produced and directed by someone that knew him pretty well, his son Adam Nimoy. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, the voice viewers hear during the film will be Zachary Quinto, who fans probably know as the latest version of the famous character Spock in the Star Trek films. Quinto is not the only famous face viewers will see however, because William Shatner has already agreed to take part in the biography as well. Apparently, fans are going to get to see several generations of Star Trek in the same film again, which is good news.

The release of the film will be timed to help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek in 2016. While Nimoy left behind a body of work that included several different highlights, he is probably most known to fans as the logical alien with pointy ears from Star Trek. Therefore, it seems logical that fans of the man and the character get a chance to celebrate one of their heroes one more time.