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Michael Hagele: An Inspirational Businessman Everyone Should Know About

Michael Hagele is an inspirational businessman. He is an investor and he is a corporate counsel. Let’s dive a bit more into his background, his career and what his mindset is like when it comes to business. Then you will know exactly why he serves as an inspiration.

His Background

Michael Hagele is a businessman, investor and outside counsel. He focuses on providing counsel to tech companies, which includes companies in industries such ass internet, aerospace, biotechnology and electronic. He also counsels research and development companies that offers services such as technology, consulting and design services.

His background includes negotiating agreements in both international and domestic software, internet, hardware and telecommunications fields to name a few. He has worked on a number of commercial agreements too, as well as a number of other types of corporate financing and merger & acquisition transactions. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_


Michael Hagele is an independent attorney who runs his own firm. He has also worked directly with/for a company, but he wanted to serve clients in a better way. This is why he launched his own practice. Besides that, he has either founded or funded numerous of businesses, including companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Mindset When It Comes To Business

When it comes to business, Michael maintains a positive frame of mind. His mindset includes “putting the customer” first as much as possible. He also believes that entrepreneurs should take part in physical activity because it can help sharpen the mind. He mentioned how he likes to cycle in order to stimulate energy, as well as spark creativity.

When it comes to business, Michael Hagele is an expert and his success proves he knows what he is doing. Whether it’s investing in companies or offering counsel to corporations, you can rest assure he works hard to achieve goals.



Ricardo Tosto’s Involvement With The Brazilian Law

Nations across the world, whether huge or small are all managed and ran based on the Constitution and Brazil is no exception. Her law is partly based on ratifications though a new system named Sumulas Vinculates, which traces its origin back from Portugal and Germany was introduced recently.

The supreme law in Brazil is the constitution which was established on the 21st of October 1988. It provides for a Federal Government which is voted to power unanimously by the states and municipalities within her borders. On the other hand, the 26 states within are run solely on their jurisdiction though their laws must never contradict those of the Federal Constitution.

Ricardo Tosto’s involvement with the law

Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira is a household name within the corridors of justice and matters law in Brazil. His sharp and extensive knowledge in law has seen him practice what he does best in commercial law, political law, and criminal law among many others and previously worked as Human Resource adviser at Grupo Rede. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira prides himself as a lawyer by establishing a co-founded law firm named Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados which advocates and defends major clients in courts ranging from multinational companies, non-governmental organizations, governments, and individual politicians.

Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho largely contributed to the amendment and creation of new laws which have by far and wide impacted the economic growth of Brazil. In the spirit of sharing his ideologies and nurturing new minds into the world of law, Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho incorporates fresh trainees into his firm. Under his leadership, the trainees evolve into great professionals.

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BMG’s President Ricardo Guimarães is Succeeded by Antonio Hermann

BMG Makes Changes in the Bank’s Direction

Banco BMG recently formed a joint venture with Itau Unibanco to operate in the loan payroll sector. BMG’s plans are to create a process that makes its management more professional, with respect to the hiring of executives. The Petagna Guimaraes family has always controlled the entire BMG Company, until now. The family plans to become part of the shareholder council, which will open up the company to external investors and market professionals. The reorganization of the company will include eliminating products that do not add significant value to the firm and an eventual doubling of the existing payroll deductible loan portfolio, which is BMG’s main and most lucrative product.

As the institution switches from a private to public firm many changes will occur for example, Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes will no longer be the chairman of the board, with the position being handed over to the President of the Brazilian Federation of Banks, Alcides Lopes Tapias. Executive president, Ricardo Annes Guimares’s position will be passed to Antonio Hermann, another well qualified individual.

Bano BMG’s immaculate reputation and over 80 years of experience will continue into the future says the new CEO, Hermann. The Itau Unibank currently manages $27.42 billion in assets, which will increase with the joint venture with Banco BMG. Some consumer credit and finance services will be reduced and even eliminated, as these are not BMG’s main areas of expertise. The consumer finance and credit services were added when BMG acquired Banco Schahin and GE Money last year.

Ricardo Guimaraes is the son of financial tycoon Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes who is responsible for the creation of BMG, which is Brazil’s largest provider of loans. The BMG bank functions on a lean structure with low interest rates and provides services mainly to the low-paying public sector. The Pentagna Guimaraes family to which Ricardo belongs is one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in all of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Ricardo Guimaraes’s immaculate career began well before his participation in BMG. Ricardo was a prominent sports figure with a passion for the alvinegro club, Atletico-MG; he took command over the club until Ziza Valadares took charge. Ricardo and BMG believe in supporting struggling athletes who are dedicated, disciplined and commited to reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Ricardo believes the values that these sports personalities have exactly what BMG encourages with its employees.

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Ricardo Tosto road to success in Brazilian Law Industry

Brazil is a country that has been envied by many nations for producing most respected footballers. Great investors across the globe have shown interests in this country. Some investors have already set up industries to cater for a high population that has played significant role towards its success.

Brazilian economy has dramatically grown to be the most successful as it is evidenced by the high number of reputable banks that are in the country. This rise of the economy has been influenced by the country’s administration of the three arms of government. The laws are formulated and passed by the legislature while executive approves and implements them. It is the role of the judiciary to interpret the law.

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil is an enormous task. Law students take about five years to study law and sit for a bar examination that is mandatory to pass to practice law in Brazil. Lawyers from Brazil go through intense training to acquire skills that will help them survive in the competitive market. Tens of thousands lawyers graduate from Brazilian Universities. Most of the lawyers operate in Sao Paulo and others in Rio de Janiero.

Brazil is one of the countries that produce a large number of lawyers. The Brazilian government has set up several institutions to offer law courses. One is considered to be a qualified lawyer after graduating from the law school.

Ricardo became a lawyer about 26 years ago after he graduated with a law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has established himself in the legal system by offering best services to his clients. His career began in a small law firm, where he developed considerable skills before setting up his law firm that has grown to be Brazil’s largest firm. He is the founder of Tosto e Barros Advogados and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp law company together with his associates.

Ricardo Tosto has professionally defended many corporate companies and clients who seek his services. He has played a significant role in the Brazilian Law Society to formulate high profile legal mechanisms. He is a role model and a mentor to interns who works at his law firm. Mr. Ricardo provides leadership and offers innovative strategies in his law firm to keep it consistent in the market.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and His Relevance in the Brazilian Litigation Law Field

With over 1.2 million licensed and non-licensed attorneys, Brazil is one of the countries that is dominated by legal professionals. The Brazilian Law borrows most of its contents from the Portuguese Law. It came into practice back in 1822 after the country cut ties with Portuguese colonialists. The country’s first law schools were set up in São Paulo and Olinda five years after gaining independence.

Brazilian Law Practice Requirements

To practice law in Brazil, one has to sit for and pass vestibular examinations, get an LLB, get an internship, pass the national bar examinations and get a license from the OAB. Vestibular exams are like the law school entry exams given in other countries. Law schools that operate in Brazil are mandated to comply with the regulations of the Federal Ministry of Education and OAB’s National Commission on Legal Education.

OAB is the only government-credited institution in Brazil that offers bar exams and licenses lawyers. The minimum requirement for seating for OAB exams is an undergraduate law degree. The OAB also offers specialty programs on corporate law, criminal law, tax law and constitutional law. One must first pass the OAB examinations to gain admission to the Brazilian Bar.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira @

As an expert in litigation, Riccardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is among the most sought-after lawyers in Brazil. He is a name partner of one of Brazil’s top litigation law firms known as Tosto Barros Advogados Associados. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an LLB graduate of the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation (FAAP).

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho offers legal advice on litigation matters to corporations, public figures, and non-governmental organizations. Before he became a name and founding partner of Tosto Barros Advogados Associados Advocacia, he practiced litigation law at Leite Tosto Barros. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is passionate about passing his skills to young and ambitious attorneys. Tosto Barros Advogados Associados currently recruits interns to benefit from Tosto’s impressive skills.


Ricardo Tosto: Standing Tall In The Field Of Corporate Law

The field of law is one of the most sought after professions in Brazil. Lawyers have always been an essential part of corporates owing to the contribution that they have. A good lawyer can ensure the security and success of the company while a bad one can break the entire firm. Corporates are always on the lookout for good corporate lawyers, which is also why being a good one is considered such a prestigious thing in the country.

Ricardo Tosto is one lawyer who is considered to be an important part of the corporate law scene in Brazil. He is extremely proficient when it comes to the field of law and has been working in it for an incredibly extended period of time. Through the course of his long career, he has offered his services to dozens of clients coming to him from not just within the country but the surrounding ones as well. He has always been proficient with the law and has worked on numerous cases, offering his clients the legal advice that they need to get out of whatever sticky situation that they are in. He is one of the most sought after corporate lawyers in the entire country and has a large number of people approaching him to take on their firm as his client.

Financial law is also something that Ricardo Tosto has a good amount of experience in. This has helped him incredibly since the field of corporate law often intertwines with financial law. This has helped him progress immensely in his career, which has resulted in him reaching the top of the field. Because of his incredible experience with the law, he has also been asked by numerous government organizations to represent them in numerous cases. He has worked with government officials, representing them for their personal needs.

Ricardo Tosto also uses his knowledge of the law to do good and help people in society. He regularly represents people who do not have enough money to find proper representation and helps them attain the rightful justice that they deserve. By doing this, he has changed the lives of numerous people across the country.

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Top Business Attorney In Brazil

If you need top notch legal advice or guidance in Brazil, regarding a business matter, it is important to get one of the best lawyers you can afford. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reputable and experienced business and corporate attorney in Brazil.

In running a business or managing an organization, one of the most significant aspects of having your words serve as your bond is with your commitment contract. But at times, despite your best efforts, you may find your business enterprise facing a dispute or conflict over an existing business organization deal or agreement.

When you sign an agreement or contract, you have entered in a formal, legally binding contract. This indicates you are accountable for all responsibilities and activities outlined in the contract. It is imperative to consult a knowledgeable lawyer before entering into a business contract.

The size or type of company or organization does not matter; the agreements you sign with your business partners, customers, and vendors are important for protecting the interests of your organization and prevent future problems. A competent business or corporate attorney can help you make the right decision in these situations.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has great expertise in business and corporate law and has advised numerous businesses and professionals in this area. Ricardo Tosto has represented partnerships, mutlinational companies, corporations, entrepreneurs and enterprises that have been involved in breach of contract scenarios, and much more.

Ricardo Tosto applies his years of legal expertise to both simple and complex circumstances. Regardless of the complexity of the dilemma, you can be confident that Mr Ricardo Tosto will aggressively address the matter with all of the resources within his reach. To learn more about the types of organization cases Ricardo Tosto handles, contact his law office.

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How A Business Lawyer Can Help You

When business misunderstandings or disputes occur between an organization and an individual or between two business entities, getting a resolution without resorting to litigation will always be a better choice for everyone involved. Where litigation ust cannot be avoided, a competent business litigation lawyer should be consulted in order to protect your rights and your organization’s business interests.

Lawyers help their clients run a successful business by protecting them from situations that might later lead to disputes and legal problems. A good, high-quality lawyer or law firm can help business people and professionals who are currently dealing with a legal matter and those who want to avoid legal trouble in the future.

To begin your search for a lawyer, use Internet resources like lawyers directories or legal associations. The local bar association is also a good resource for finding a lawyer. Some people find lawyer through recommendations from friends, family or colleagues.

Once you have obtained a list of potential lawyers in Brazil, the nest step is to to your research and a background check of any lawyer you are considering. Finding a good lawyer shouldn’t be a daunting task if you follow these steps. For a powerful lawyer in Brazil, consider getting in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a business litigation lawyer in Brazilian.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a great reputation in the field and is a top rated lawyer. He specializes in business and corporate litigation and is one of the best in the industry. Peers and clients respect him because of his caring attitude and dedication to rendering top notch representation. Ricardo Tosto listens closely to determine the best approach to handling his clients’ legal problems. Mr Ricardo Tosto has successfully defended numerous cases for clients.

Ricardo Tosto has been practicing for many years and has represented clients from a wide variety of industries. Some of his clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, mid-sized businesses, corporations, multinational companies, politicians, high profile individuals, among others. He has wide-ranging analytical skills and is well versed in helping new and emerging businesses grow their enterprises.