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Lamar Wants Khloe Back

Khloe and Lamar Odom have everyone watching and wondering if they are ever going to go through with their divorce, or are they simply going to spend the rest of their marriage separated and dating other people. At the moment Khloe is still maintaining and very confusing on again off again relationship with her rebound man French Montana, Kylie Jenner even uploaded some video of herself hanging out with Khloe and French having a great time.

While Khloe still insists that she is over Lamar and ready to move on, in reality the couple has not moved on with the proceedings of their divorce. According to sources the judge has said that if they don’t get moving the divorce will be dismissed.

Apparently Lamar isn’t ready to move on because he has been speaking with Khloe and insisting that he is ready to get back together and is willing to do anything to prove that he is all in. Odom has even promised that he is clean and sober and has no problem proving it to khloe and her family. While Lamar is trying to make it work he also has said that he isn’t going to wait forever. Hopefully Khloe and Lamar can work things out and prove that “till death do us part,” is still a thing these days.

Even if Larmar and Khloe don’t work it out, it is still good to see that they have both fought this long for their marriage. Paul Mathieson, recently featured on  jokes that normally hollywood couples are over and done before the signatures dry on the marriage certificate.