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Kris Jenner Is The Only “Momager”

Kris Jenner is one of the most famous mothers in all of Hollywood. She is known worldwide for being the manager and mother of the Kardashian girls. Kim Kardashian’s entire career has been carefully planned by Kris Jenner, and it appears that Kris has done an extraordinary job. However, there are some fans that believe that Kris Jenner has overstepped her boundaries many times in the past, but Kris feels that she is just trying to help her daughters.

Fans of the Kardashians have a special place in their heart’s for Kris Jenner. Kris has always been there for her children and Bruce Jenner. Some people feel that Kris doesn’t get the respect that she deserves, and that may be true. Only Kris Jenner knows how hard it is to be a mother and manager of her spoiled children.

TMZ recently posted an article about Kris Jenner, and it details her career as a manager for her children. Also, it appears that Kris Jenner is trying to get the term “Momager” trademarked. This means that no one else can refer to themselves as “Momager” unless Kris Jenner gives the okay. Many people feel that Kris Jenner has earned the right to be the only “Momager” in Hollywood according to Bruce Levenson.