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Kendra Wilkinson Defends Hugh Hefner

Kendra Wilkinson is one the most famous Playboy Bunnies of the last decade, and she appeared on the ‘Girl Next Door’ with Hugh Hefner. Kendra truly loves Hugh, and she has been defending Hugh Hefner from the crazy allegations that Holly Madison has been making. Holly Madison was Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend in the Playboy Mansion, but Hugh Hefner never wanted to marry her. Apparently, Kendra Wilkinson believes that Holly Madison is angry for this reason.

Holly madison was trying to get her name added to Hugh Hefner’s will, but Mashable suggested that obviously didn’t happen. Kendra Wilkinson believes that Holly Madison is trying to get revenge on Hugh Hefner. Kendra says that Hugh Hefner was a very nice man, and she had nothing bad to say about him. However, Holly Madison is a different story, and it seems that Kendra Wilkinson never liked her.

E! recently published an article about this story, and it’s very shocking to read some of the dirt that these women have revealed about each other. Unfortunately, Holly Madison seems to be out for blood, and she is spreading some vicious rumors about Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy Playmates. Is Kendra Wilkinson right about Holly? I’m wondering what further developments will come from this story, and I’m very excited to find out.