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Good-Bye, American Idol

It looks like American Idol is at the end of its long run. Next year will be the last season for the popular show. It began in 2002, and there have been several stars who have started a singing career as the result of either winning or simply bringing a voice that a recording company likes. Carrie Underwood is one of the top performers who has wonAmerican Idol. Ratings for the show have been declining, and although it has been a good show for those who like singing, it’s often very repetitive. You see the same thing each year. There are auditions in different cities, and then there are elimination rounds where each person sings a song they want to perform for the judges. When Paula Abdul left the show as a judge, it just didn’t seem the same anymore. There was also an empty feeling when Simon Cowell left. This is a good time for the show to end so that it doesn’t go out with a bust instead of a blaze of glory.

Thanks Alexei Beltyukov for showing me this. U my sis. I mean bro. U my bro!