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Investment Guru Paul Mampilly says Apple lack “innovative edge”

The stock markets in the United States is likely to experience a unique thing this year. After so many years, the stock value of Apple Company is likely to fall. This is a prediction that has been made by one of the best analysts in the country Paul Mampilly. He has given his opinion in a recent article citing reasons why 2018 will be a bad year for this company. According to Paul, this company has reached its maximum potential and can only go down at the moment. There is no hope that it will move up anymore. Unless it makes unprecedented changes, it is destined to go down. Why is this so?

Apple will decline because it is no longer innovative as it used to be and it no longer releases products that are unique and ones who will bring a revolution as it used to. In the last decade, Apple made innovations that were world’s first. The introduction of the iPod, iPhone and the iPad had not be experienced before. They were unique innovations which drove the company sales up. This would translate to the huge growth of the company. This is no longer the case; the company no longer releases these products. Since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, the company has been struggling to bring in new products. This means that over time, customers of the company’s products will likely get tired of the same products and will look for alternatives.

Apple has been losing touch in almost all areas. Although many people might be optimistic about the company after Warren Buffet pumped $20 billion into the company for marketing purposes, there is no hope that it will save the company from eminent fall it is facing. Paul Mampilly also quotes the company as one that is losing touch with its customers. Take for instance the allegations about the update that is slowing the company’s devices. Such news at this time will only add salt to the wound.

The company is already suffering, and any bad news about it will only make the situation worse. Apple is already being accused of forcing clients to purchase the new devices after the older devices become slow. Such a move will force customers to stay away from the company’s products, a factor that will likely affect its sales and the market value will fall.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has worked with big financial institutions. He has been a hedge fund manager. His reputation in the Wall Street is huge. He won the 2009 Templeton Foundation awards after trading $50 million to $88 million during the global economic depression.

About Paul Mampilly:

Agora Outs Investors in a Better Financial Position

Agora Financial is the company that is keeping people in the loop when it comes to financial literacy. This company has consultants that are ready to provide information that people need if they are serious about getting there portfolio in better shape. No one can build a successful portfolio without actually getting financial literature to make better decisions. This is exactly what Agora Financial has in place. It is the company that provides the financial literature that can turn around any weak portfolio.

If people have access to better information they can make informed decisions about what they are going to buy or sell when it comes to their stocks. There are so many changes that are happening in the market from day-to-day. It is going to be very beneficial to get the help that from this team to build the best possible portfolio as soon as possible.

There are a wide range of people that are appreciative of financial literature that they can get from a company like Agora Financial. It certainly makes it easier than going out and searching the entire internet for information over and over again.

Agora Financial has the consultants that are actually going out and pounding the pavement. They really want to know the companies that are going to have groundbreaking products or services. These consultants search hard and find the type of investment opportunities that people can engage in early. When investors have access to this type of information they are going to be much better equipped to build a better financial plan in the long-term.

Investors are actually getting the opportunity to get access to information from a plethora of different consultants under the Agora Financial umbrella. These investors and consultants have a wide range of experience with researching various investment opportunities.

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David Giertz Gives Insights on the Importance of Saving for Retirement

Planning for retirement is one the most important decisions in a person’s life. According to professional David Giertz, planning is necessary if you want to achieve financial freedom by the time you choose to retire.Tips on how to save for retirement.

Planning for retirement is not dependent on how big a person’s salary is. Given that when you retire, you’ll end up spending more than you earn, it is paramount to save more while you’re still working.

Investing for retirement is a good idea. Having an extra source of income saves one a lot of money. David Giertz encourages individuals planning for retirement to study the market trends to know when to invest.

Before deciding to save for retirement, it is necessary to evaluate whether one has enough money to set aside funds for future use. Additionally, it is important to understand one retirement needs to estimate how much money needs to be saved. The rules that govern saving for retirement dictate that by the time one is 50 years, they need to have saved about six times of their annual income. By the time one is 60 years, they should have saved about ten times of their earnings.

David Giertz emphasizes that people should identify what retirement plan works for them. Consulting a financial expert at this stage is important. Understanding the needs of one’s program can motivate a person to save more.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an experienced financial expert and the senior vice president of Nationwide Financial Distribution. He also works as the sales executive for the Nationwide Life Insurance Company. David Giertz joined this group company in 2013, and he has since risen above ranks to the top management. This professional’s expertise speaks for itself. He has received recognition from Nationwide Financial Distributors for his contribution and knowledge in finance.

David Giertz also serves as a consultant who works to provide advice to people on how to plan for retirement. His three decades of professional experience is what makes him the top rated executive in the financial industry. David Giertz is a broker, and he has served as the vice president of Bank Channel.

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