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Wayan Sumartana’s Self-Made Scrap Metal Bionic Arm

In July 2015, Wayan (a.k.a. Tawan or Sutawan) Sumartana, suddenly lost all sense of control of his left arm. He was unable to work for a full two months. Unlike in the U.S., those who are unable to work in his country don’t receive subsidized benefits.

Fortunately, Sumartana has had a passion with machines since childhood and studied electrical engineering while in high school. He runs his own welding workshop that Jon Urbana recently visited after his interview with Bloomberg. He quickly gathered scrap metal in order to build a bionic arm to be able to control his left arm again. He reports that it works similarly to polygraph test in that it receives signals sent from his brain through the crowning part of the device, which shoots all the way to arm part.

Sumartana also says that he wants to be of influence to people who have suffered strokes. His story demonstrates an example of how anything is truly possible even under the most seemingly dire of circumstances.

Violation of Human Rights

Human rights, more specifically known as the rights that every human possesses for the simple fact that he or she is human, are something that is very important to society. Yet, it is often violated a lot. Every day, someone’s rights are being violated for the most petty of reasons as well. People of all walks violate the human rights of others. This often occurs in areas of employment, and retail areas. Common types of human rights violation is discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. This often includes bullying and mobbing. Many ideas of human rights were brought forth after World War 2 and the holocaust. Even full knowledge of human rights does not stop a violation.

When a violation occurs, it is important to fight it and bring it to justice depending on the nature of the human rights violation. However, in many cases, the act goes unchallenged due to the complicated nature of the justice system. Also, many cases of human rights violations will cost a lot to bring to the courts. As a result of all of the different complications and factors that the victim has to face, he or she is left having to accept it for the duration of the incident and even endure further violations. Fortunately, there are people that one could go to in order to advocate for them in the case of a human rights violation.

Among the people to go to is Yeonmi Park. She is one of the most passionate figures for human rights. She herself has been in brutal conditions where human rights has not been respected in the least bit. She has lived in North Korea in a very oppressive society. She has escape North Korea with her Mother which is now under the rule of Kim Jung Un, which is an Orwell style rule where people are monitored in every aspect of their lives including their thoughts. Yeonmi was amazed at a society in American in which freedom of speeach and ideas is encouraged. She works hard to protect the rights of others after learning about the rights that she and other humans have.

Human rights is a given to human beings. Yet, people often need to fight hard for their rights because there is always someone who has very little to no regard for the rights. There are even those that are willing to take away the rights of others based on various aspects. Often times, they try to limit or deny the rights of entire groups depending on different criteria. As long as people are fighting that, human rights are being protected.

Forefront Income Trust Established by Brad Reifler

Financially investing your money in the market has always been tough and a closed off marketplace has made it all but impossible for the vast majority of people in the U.S.A. Thanks to SEC regulations who define accredited investors as those making $200,00 per year with a net worth exceeding $1 million, most investors get left by the way side. Brad Reifler was one of those managers who turned down non accredited investors but now he is changing his mind and looking to help all of the people that have been marginalized and ignored.

Reifler has been one of the more successful investors in the market since the late ’80s and early ’90s. His work with Pali Capital made him a certified millionaire and now he is looking to use his clout and business acumen to give back to the people that were previously ignored by his company. Brad Reifler admitted in an interview with Reuters that, “For several years I was only focusing on the accredited investor”. Reifler went on to say that he is, “now shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for the 99 percent who are overlooked.”

Forefront Income Trust is not tied to the stock market which gives the company more room for growth and higher risk taking ventures. This program will give new investors liquidity with an 8 percent return while teaching fresh investors how complex the investment world actually is. Reifler describes Forefront Income Trust as a “safe place to find investment alternatives” and he is doing everything he can to help people progress in a way that can actually make a difference.

Of course, there will always be risk in the investment world but Reifler’s work will hopefully limit that risk. Investors who wish to participate need only have the required $2,500 minimum investment amount.

Joseph Bismark: A Leader in Management

Joseph Bismark is an outstanding individual. He grew up in a wealthy family but shunned that lifestyle for a much less material one as a teenager. When Bismark was 17-years-old, he went to live on an ashram in the mountains in the Philippines. At the ashram, he was taught by monks to understand the principles of spirituality, which he has held close to him throughout his life. 

After his time at the ashram was over, Joseph Bismark took his leadership skills and spiritual beliefs into the business world. His business and spiritual principles have helped to guide him through his journey as a businessman. He began working for the QI Group and in 2008 was named as Managing Director for the conglomerate. Throughout the years he has helped to develop new branches of business for the QI Group. 

Not only is Joseph Bismark known for his business acumen, but he is also known as a strong leader. With his business sense and spiritual beliefs, Bismark’s management style is like no other. As a manager, he is known for breaking the rules in the best ways possible. He leads with his spiritual principles and believes in empowering those around him. He believes in keeping a balance in the workplace that will generate an environment of harmony and brotherhood. He believes that a balanced workplace will lead to more people working together to create and be innovative. Treating his employees with respect has given him a reputation as one of the most well-liked managers in the QI Group.

Joseph Bismark is not only a successful, and spiritual businessman, he is also a published author and a motivational speaker. He serves as an inspiration to those who have worked with him, hear him speak, or have read his published works. 

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