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The Plague Killed A Colorado Teen

When teenager, Taylor Gaes suddenly came down with a high fever and muscle aches, his family thought it was just the flu, but it wasn’t. It was an age-old disease most of us never thought we’d see today.

16-year old Taylor Gaes had the Plague.

According to doctors, he probably was infected by fleas that placed the bacteria directly into his bloodstream, making it difficult to detect in time to prevent it from spreading.

The 16-year-old died on June 8, but the cause was not made public until last week when health officials, at the insistence of the boy’s parents, issued a warning to ensure that others would take precautions.

About 200 people attended a recent ceremony to scatter Taylor’s ashes.

Plague cases are rare and fatalities are even more so according to Matt Landis. Nationally, an average of seven human plague cases are reported annually, with an average mortality rate of 11 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The last time a death in the US occurred from the plague was in 2013, in New Mexico.

The last death in Colorado that was from the plague occurred in 2004, and was a case of septicemic plague.

Susan McGalla Shares Tips For Success With Future Businesswomen

The needs and expectations for women in business have grown enormously over the last few decades, but more motivation and change is needed for it to continue, according the the ideas shared by Susan McGalla with PR Newswire. Specifically, Susan McGalla, known for her expertise in the different aspects of branding, marketing, operational efficiencies and similar industries, has three valuable pieces of information to pass along to the next generation of women looking toward the professional workplace.

Access As Much Higher Education As Possible

Ms. Mcgalla shared that education is the key to professional success. Although it may be inconvenient or expensive to continue in classes, women with more advanced degrees typically have better professional opportunities.

Instead of looking at school as an endless expense and challenge, she recommends investigating all of the different avenues for financial assistance for school. Accessing financial aid packages that are appropriate to the existing skill set is essential to long-term success and often requires extra time. The good news is, your investment is likely to pay off, over time.

Women Need To Believe In Themselves 

Upon graduation, women are likely to feel confident and secure with their professional goals and expectations. Sadly, over time the influence of management can cause those important feelings to diminish by up to 60%, according to data shared by Ms. Mcgalla.

Therefore, it is essential to not only believe that you have the skills to make it, but also to surround yourself with people who share that belief. The desire for success can diminish if there is not adequate support for it.

You Are Unique And Should Ignore Glass Ceilings 

The long-held belief about the alleged glass-ceiling and that few women make it past it has negatively impacted many women and other minorities over the years. Fortunately, Ms. McGalla has achieved success following some unique advice of her own…Forget the glass ceiling and ignore the prejudices that may be there. 

Doing so was key to her success and she followed up with a final idea to aspiring business women to ignore stereotypes. Instead, she believes it is better to allow the quality of your work to make its own statement. 

In conclusion, success at anything will take hard work and perseverance. However, it is important to remember that given the still unequal statistics pertaining to professional advancement for women, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

North American Spine: Using AccuraScope, The True Minimally Invasive Procedure

I’ve had difficulty with back pain before, so I wanted to do something a little different and tell you about how I found help.  I know, I know, it’s not the usual thing, and you might think it’s kind of boring.  But considering the crap I went through before I got my back sorted out, I just want to be able to help at least one more person that might be in my situation.

Millions of people suffer from some form of back pain, whether that pain is in the neck, upper back or in the lower back. Back pain is one of the most excruciating types of pain with some sufferers stating that at one time or another they became suicidal because of the pain. Many patients opt for the option of invasive back surgery that only has a chance of helping their pain and sometimes, makes the pain worse. There is a clinic in Dallas where patients can go to have minimally invasive procedures done that are shown to help relieve the most common causes of back pain in most patients.

Minimal Invasive Surgery

When most doctors state that they provide a minimally invasive procedure in the back, they are often using a small scope, otherwise referred to as a laparoscope. This scope requires a small incision that can be closed by steri-strips or a Band-Aid. While the incision itself is small, the scope still tears through tissue and muscle to get to the outer part of the disk in which it is to repair. The incision in this procedure is a small one although the recovery time is still long and the after care is crucial.

At North American Spine, the doctors have implemented a state of the art minimally invasive procedure. The AccuraScope uses the natural opening at the base of the spine located just above the sacrum. Using this opening, the doctors can insert a camera with a laser attached that cruises up the interior of the spinal canal, shrinking and fixing damaged disks, herniated disks and even scar tissue from the affected areas.

What Does it Fix?

The procedures offered at North American Spine help just about any ailment in the spine. From herniated disks to scar tissue and even spinal stenosis. The procedures can be done in virtually any part of the spine from the neck down to the sacrum. The only part of the back that they tend to recommend other options first is the thoracic area. This is because the ribcage is supposed to protect that part of the spine. In the rare occasion that the ribcage hampers efforts to offer surgery, the doctors are fully trained and experienced in the procedure using the AccurasSope so that even the most intense procedures end with little to no pain for the patient.

Initial Consultation

When a patient goes in for an initial consultation, the doctors at North American Spine in Dallas will help to evaluate their pain, the duration of pain, location of pain and the intensity of the pain. They will also evaluate any MRI that has been done in the past to determine what type of treatment will best suite the patients needs. This helps to prevent any unnecessary surgery that another doctor may recommend. The doctors at North American Spine are all highly experienced in treating all types of back pain, whether surgery is necessary or another treatment should be done.

How I Save Money with FreedomPop

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Well, that’s how I felt when I first heard about FreedomPop. A friend had been retweeting FreedomPop about their service, and he mentioned that they had international calling capabilities and he was able to call his grandmother in Brazil for free each month.

I have several family members that live overseas, and I normally spend at least $50 monthly keeping in touch with them. I’ve tried several different calling plans and phone service providers, but international calling is just expensive. However, I wasn’t willing to stop communicating with my family members just to save money.

Although I was skeptical, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving FreedomPop a try. I downloaded the free Talk and Text app onto my smartphone, and I took a few minutes to read about how the service and app worked. I was excited to find out that the app was compatible with my Samsung smartphone because I was worried that I would have to purchase a new device to try it out.

After my research was complete, I realized that FreedomPop does actually give their users 100 free minutes of international calling each month. I don’t really love long phone conversations, so I knew I would be able to call my grandfather or aunt about five times for free each month.
Even once I found out the service really was free, I still wondered if there was a catch. When I made my first call, I was excited to find out that I was wrong. The call quality was great, and I didn’t notice a difference from calls I made on my normal, expensive provider’s network.

When I hung up the phone from a hilarious conversation with my grandfather in India, I almost couldn’t believe that I had just talked to a family member across the world without spending a penny.

I’m thrilled that my friend told me about this service, and I’m telling everyone that I know about to check out FreedomPop on Facebook now! Calling was one of my biggest expenses, so I’ve been able to put a little more money into my grad school fund now that I get 100 minutes of international calling each month for free.

If you’re a little skeptical like I was, I understand. However, I don’t want you to miss out on an exceptional service. Do the research for yourself, and remember that you have nothing to lose by giving FreedomPop a try. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

If You’re Looking For A Date, Try The Skout App

Writing something different today, because I found a cool app that’s changed my life.  Meeting new people is harder these days, because social situations just are not what they used to be.  With the advent of social media, and our dependence on the internet, that’s become the chief way to meet new friends. The problem being, you can’t tell if they’re actually near you.  You could end up best friends with someone on the opposite coast, and that’s not going to help you when you’re looking for someone to hit the club with on a Friday night.  But then I found GPS based friend/date finder Skout.

Skout is an online dating website that can help someone to meet others in their local area, or in another country, if they choose. Skout also has an app that can be downloaded from any app store, and used when ready, in order to meet people while the person is on the go. The Skout app was created in order to accommodate those who want to use Skout while on their mobile device, instead of only having access to it through a PC. The mobile app is one of the most popular downloaded apps out there, and many have left positive reviews about the app as well.

One of the best features of the Skout mobile app is the “shake to talk” feature. If anyone would like to meet someone at random, that they normally wouldn’t look for; shake the mobile device, and a random person will pop up on the screen to chat. This is one of the most popular features of the Skout app, and many people enjoy using the app, just for this feature. Skout is great if you want to casually meet a friend, or if you’re looking for a life partner. You must first set up an account on Skout, prior to using it, which they can talk you through on the Facebook page.  Pretty easy actually once you get started.

If someone already has an account on Skout, they can use it through the app as well. When a profile is set up, the user can add a picture if they’d like, and include information such as name, age, and interests. It’s completely up to the user what they want to put out there to the public. Others who are using the app can choose to add anyone as their favorite, or they can look for someone else through the app. Anyone can find out who has been looking for them, or who has added them to their favorites, by using Skout points.

Skout points can be earned, but they are normally purchased from the company. Skout points can be used to send virtual gifts, to find out who has been looking for the user, and to see who has added the user as their favorite. If the user would like to earn Skout points, the user can refer a friend, and every friend that signs up, will gain them Skout points. It’s up to the user to choose how in depth they want to use the app, and to choose what features they pay for when using the Skout app.

The user can see if anyone in the local area wants to chat, whether it be daytime or nighttime, as there are over 100 million Skout users to date. With more users coming into the network all the time, there’s no shortage of people downloading the Skout app, allowing users many people to speak with through the network. When a user is searching for someone to talk to, they can look for someone based on certain criteria that is typed in. Using the Skout app can easily help someone to find their life partner, or just a very good friend to chat with.

A user can easily find a friend and add them to their favorites list, and they’ll be able to find them again, much easier in the future. The Skout app always has the latest version available, so the user can utilize all the wonderful features of this social network. Just Google them, you can find a ton of great news stories about the friends and long term relationships that have been formed by using Skout.