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US Money Reserve and the CAFB of Texas


The widely known precious metal distributor US Money Reserve is known to have given their money to a number of different causes over the years and have most recently given a large donation to the Central Area Food Bank of Texas, which helps feed homeless people and those who are unable to reasonably find or purchase food. The CAFB of Texas operates in Central Texas and helps people in twenty-one counties get the food they need for themselves and their family.

This great cause has helped give out more than thirty million pounds of food a year, which is nothing short of remarkable. The CAFB of Texas was expected to fold until US Money Reserve was able to give them a large enough donation to keep them afloat for a little while longer.

The publication where all of this information was based from was found on the Digital Journal, and can be found here.

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The Central Area Food Bank of Texas can benefit by receiving donations from anyone in Texas who can spare money to help feed the hungry.