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Ron Perlman’s Quest for a Third Hellboy Film – Is It Futile?

Ron Perlman is still talking about the probably-never-happening Hellboy 3 film. The actor recently spoke publicly on his annoyance that no one is moving forward with a third feature. Perlman has noted that the studios owe it to the fans to provide a final entry that ends the series on a definitive note. It is hard to argue with Perlman. Fans who paid good money to support the release of the first two movies do deserve a third film. The sad part here – and one that Mr. Perlman ignores – is there are not enough fans.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, Hellboy was only marginally successful at the box office. Hellboy 2 was a disappointment. There is no way to sugarcoat the weak box office returns. Nothing right now would indicate a third film in the series would do well with audiences.

Still, Hellboy totally deserves its position as a top cult film. The offbeat first film and the sequel are both worth watching. Unfortunately, the films are just too strange to draw in mainstream audiences. As a result, there really is no appetite among studio executives to continue the series.

Yet, Perlman is lobbying for a third and final film. Good for him! Perlman has even suggested an end of the world scenario to the film in which Hellboy sacrifices himself and saves humanity.

The actor does bring an intriguing level of commitment to the role. He clearly does think highly of his fans and appreciates the support they gave to him. Perhaps Perlman feels there is more he can do with the role of Hellboy.

At this point, however, the second film probably is going to be the last one. Hellboy 3 is just not on the list of films seriously in development.