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Astounding Pediatrician Dr. Mark Holterman

Pediatrician Dr. Mark Holterman, Chicagoan of Illinois, project man, businessman has made new wave in our country through the innovation of Biotechnology. He has begun several startup projects such as scientific research that include stem cell projects and an expansion on Global Healthcare with Mariam Global Health.

One of the strategies that Dr. Mark Holterman has used to attract many investors, is through his knowledge and skills working with various people and teams of different backgrounds and expertise. Dr. Mark Holterman feels that having knowledge about budgeting with money and finances is highly important when getting the tools and resources that an individual may need to make your business a success.

As a knowledgeable entrepreneur, Dr. Mark Holterman is familiar with failure just as much a success and his business. He understands that technology of all sorts such as computers and other devices have the power to affect the business good and bad. It is important to be aware when investing in a business and how it affects the character and status. One big effort that Dr. Mark Holterman makes on spare time is to be an active reader. He enjoys reading about the social impact of the community and children all around the world. He likes to learn about great insights that deal with human interaction and impact on society (

Leading up to his medical career as a pediatrician, physician, surgeon, Dr. Mark Holterman has graduated from Yale University with honors and has grown in his profession as the director of surgery at the University of Washington. He has completed a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Seattle and has been heavily involved in scientific research going forward. He hopes to make a difference in the medical field through technology and innovation. Along his journey, Dr. Mark Holterman met his wife Aixuan, a surgeon who also works on scientific research with him. Together, Dr. Mark Holterman and his wife have two children that are pursing biotechnology as their interest going forward in their careers.