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Jennifer Walden Returns Home To Open Office And Raise Sons

Jennifer Walden is one of the top surgeons in the Texas area and surrounding areas. She is very good at what she does. Jennifer Walden recently came back to the Austin Texas area after living in New york for several years. While living in New York she shadowed another surgeon and began doing her own work and making her own name. Jennifer Walden is a single mother with twin boys. Jennifer knew in the eighth grade that she wanted to be a surgeon. She also knew that she wanted to be a mother. Both of these things she has accomplished. This is all because of the encouragement of her parents. Her dentist father and surgical nurse mother have helped her to form her likes and dislikes as well as gave her the courage to return home to be a mother.

She knows how to explain myths about male and female genitalia. Jennifer is one of the media commentators holds seminars and meetings to help people understand the myths behind vaginal rejuvenation. One of the misconceptions is that men expect a woman to have nice looking or beautiful genitalia. The beautiful genitalia issue is mostly because of men and their urges but women want to look good as well. Another issue that she helps men and women understand is that women do not care about how tight their vaginal cavity is. This is not true, women do care because it could affect the woman’s ability to orgasm.

Jennifer Walden and her family are happy that she moved back to the Austin Texas area to open her new satellite office. She opened the doors of her very own office and is happy to be helping people that need. She has been on ABC and several talk shows. Vive magazine and American Airlines magazine both are featuring her as being one of best surgeons in the Americas. Some of the issues she discusses are teen plastic surgery debates and the mommy makeovers. Jennifer is one of the people that young people trust. Trust and commitment are the two main factors in any commitment and Jennifer is fully committed to serving her friends well.

Handy is Ready to Tackle your Spring Cleaning Projects

Refresh your Home

A deep house cleaning will leave your entire home environment completely refreshed. The average spring cleaning will cleanse every nook and cranny. Clearing off the winter residue will rejuvenate your home. A refreshed home will be free of unhealthy germs that have been left behind from the winter. A refreshed home will make everyone in the household feel happy and motivated. Every home will be transformed with spring cleaning. A thorough spring cleaning is more that a simple tidy up job. After a complete spring cleaning job has been performed in your home, you will reap the benefits. You will be able to enjoy your refreshed and energized environment. Feeling great will be the outcome of a quality spring cleaning job in your home. A good spring cleaning will boost your morale.

Refresh your Business Environment

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Each and every business environment can enjoy a refreshed atmosphere with high quality spring cleaning. This is something that will add value to any organization while promoting a healthy and fresh environment. Even a workplace can be completely rejuvenated and enhanced with spring cleaning. A healthy and fresh work environment will be enjoyed by everyone.

Handy and a Professional Team

Handy cleaning services offers a highly professional team. These professionals are qualified to offer every customer a complete spring cleaning. Quality professionals with specialized training will leave you feeling confident in their abilities. Handy professionals have the updated cleaning tools along with specialized cleaning techniques to completely energize your home or business with a high quality spring cleaning project. Allow the Handy team to take over your spring cleaning projects.

Handy and the Spring Cleaning Specials

Handy will ensure that your spring cleaning services will fit into your spring budget. There are many spring cleaning options to choose from. Spring cleaning does not need you break your bank. This is an affordable solution that will reenergize your entire environment. There is a spring cleaning special to meet your every cleaning need. Home or business spring cleaning is available.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Addresses The Zika Virus in Brazil

The Zika Virus first emerged during the 1940s, when the disease was found in Uganda and Tanzania. Throughout the last few years, the virus has spread to countries like India and Thailand.

Last year, the virus began to circulate through Latin America, invading countries such as Brazil, and Colombia. This caused the World Health Organization to issue a warning concerning the potential dangers of the disease, and its consequences.

Since the first cases of the Zika Virus were found in Brazil, there has been great concern among the health experts in the country. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, if the symptoms of the Zika Virus aren’t serious, the disease can be controlled. However, Dr. Cortes is worried about the relationship between the Zika Virus and Guillain Barre Syndrome.

According to Dr. Cortes, Guillain Barre Syndrome is an autoimmune and neurological disease, which could be related to the Zika Virus. The potential relationship was confirmed by the Brazilian Ministry of Health after being found in areas where a Zika Virus outbreak occurred.

The symptoms of the Zika Virus are not aggressive and may disappear after a week. According to Dr. Cortes, the most common symptoms are muscle pains and a rash. According to Dr. Cortes, for now the only way to diagnose the Zika Virus is through a complex exam performed at the Evandro Chagas Institute.

The Zika Virus is not contagious. The most common way to catch the disease is through a Aedes Aegypti bite. These mosquitos also carry dengue fever and chikungunya. When a mosquito that is not infected bites an infected person, the mosquito becomes infected, which causes the disease to spread. The Aedes Aegypti likes to lay eggs in clean water, which is another way to spread the virus.

Infected people can use anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, while under prescription. Dr. Cortes points out that it is best to avoid taking aspirin because the patient may start bleeding. The easiest way to avoid catching the Zika Virus is to avoid standing water, even in containers and objects. Use screens on all windows and even consider installing some nets around your bed.

In Brazil, the Northeast is the region with the most reported cases of the Zika Virus, spanning over 200 cities. This disease has impacted both small children and adults alike. There is no vaccine for the Zika Virus, however progress is being made on developing a Vaccine every day.

The information from this article was published on Dr. Sergio Cortes’s blog.

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Avi Weisfogel: Making the connection Between Dentistry and Sleep Disorders

For people who suffer from Sleep Apnea, traveling can be a tricky situation. CPAC machines are a very important treatment for people dealing with this issue. However, many people chose to leave it behind because many of these machines are bulky and hard to pack. For people caught in this dilemma, it is important to have information about the options that are available and some tips to keep in mind that will make taking your treatment with you more comfortable.

A travel CPAP machine is convenient for travelers because they are a more compact version than the regular machines. There are a variety of devices to choose from that serve different purposes. Oral Appliances are one option. This treatment is made up of a wireless mask that is worn in the mouth while the person is sleeping. You can obtain one of these machines by consulting with your physician or a qualified dentist. One of the most simple options for treatment is nasal valve therapy. This type of treatment only requires the person to attach the valve over the nostrils with the provided adhesive tape. While there are a few devices that offer relief to an individual suffering from Sleep Apnea, it is important for you to decide which one fits your comfort level, price, and convenience level.

As mentioned above, prescriptions can be written by your dentist. One dentist who has intertwined his craft between being a dentist and treating sleep disorders is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Although his career as a dentist started in 1999 and extended for 15 years, it wasn’t until 2010 when he decided to explore the issues of sleep disorders. After founding Healthy Heart Sleep, he made it a priority to educate other physicians on the importance of how sleep disorders coexist with their dentistry profession, and he encouraged them to open sleep labs. His interests in bringing the two fields together have helped a lot of people, and he is currently contributing to the cause.

One of the efforts that Dr. Weisfogel has made to be proactive in preventing Sleep Apnea is finding out what some of the causes are. He has recently sought to bring more attention to a condition called Sleep bruxism which occurs when people grind their teeth while they are sleeping. Dr. Weisfogel states that if this disorder is left untreated, it can lead to more severe disorders including Sleep Apnea.  Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the world of dentistry!!

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