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Sussex Healthcare Takes Pride In 25 Years Of Service

Sussex Healthcare has become a nationally recognized company for top of the line healthcare. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary milestone. The growth of the company could not have been possible without the collective experience of its founders Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Together they give their facilities high levels of hospitality, while also demonstrating high level medical care. A recent article on the website Medical Daily Times discusses how the workers work hard to make the company so special.

Starting at the top, co-founder Shiraz Boghani obtained his hospitality experience from working in hotel chains for 20 years. At the same time, Shafik Sachedina graduated from the University of London, and immediately became a dental surgeon. The most recent member of the team, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, joined as CEO in March 2018. Her background as a mental health nurse brings a wealth of nurse-patient experience to Sussex Healthcare. They make sure the staff they hire are professional and caring individuals. A patient should always expect the best service imaginable.

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After 25 years, Sussex Healthcare has built a wide range of facilities to handle all kinds of patients and care. From older people to adults, and long term patients to short term, they have the resources to handle anyone who comes through the door. Sussex Healthcare also boasts have specialized treatments for those with Palliative, Dementia, Neurological, or PMLD related illnesses. In addition, they run numerous facilities for patients to live during their treatment.

There is a reason Sussex Healthcare has been able to remain a force in the healthcare industry for 25 years. They take great pride in everything they do from facilities, treatments available, to the staff they hire. They hope clients will be completely satisfied, so they can solely focus on recovering. All together, the company is poised to last another 25 years, and likely even longer as technology continues to open new possibilities.


The Genius of Jorge Moll As A Physician, Scientist And Entrepreneur

Jorge Moll (a/k/a Jorge Neval Moll Filho), a resident of Rio de Janeiro, is a Brazilian cardiologist, Ph.D. research scientist, and the entrepreneur who turned a diagnostic imaging (MRI) laboratory into Brazil’s most successful hospitals.

Dr. Moll, as the director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching (Idor), carried on unique and fascinating research as a moral neuroscientist. His research on the neurobiological basis of morality studied the areas of the brain which are linked to morality, altruism, reasoning. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Moll’s research principally involves the study of the neural architecture of values. One of his primary research and a clinical tool is the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Jorge Moll is associated with Rede D’Or, Brazil’s largest private hospital company, owning more than thirty hospitals. Moll is Red D’or’s founder, and its controlling shareholder, and Chairman of the board of directors of Rede D’Or.

Dr. Moll trumpets how technology has made advancements in medicine and the hospitals, under Moll’s guidance, have radically improved the treatment and care of its patients.

Rede D’Or model hospital is the Copa Star Hospital. It is said that the Copa Star has brought together the ultimate patient service and luxury to the hospital experience, complete with the most modern sophisticated hospital care technology.


The hospital also has a modern architectural design which houses a five-star restaurant. Patient rooms are also equipped with high technology services complete with room service.

Moll’s goal is to improve Brazilian healthcare and provides financial incentives to its doctors. Moll’s Rede D’Or competes with the Sutter Health network which is the United States’ second largest healthcare network. Sutter, like Red D’Or, has also has taken advantage of the new technologies.

Dr. Albert Chan is the vice president of innovation of Sutter Health whose goal is to improve healthcare for patients and is highly competitive with Dr. Moll’s vision of a state-of-the-art Brazilian hospital network. Watch this video on

TalkSpace; A New Approach To Mental Health Therapies

Erin Bodwin, a writer with renowned news website Business Insider, narrates how she spent a week with a therapist who she only got to know through New York’s favorite app, Talkspace. She explains how she was paired up with a therapist called Holli Fiscus-Connon.

With TalkSpace, individuals get an opportunity of being paired up with a primary therapist who understands their specific needs. Sometimes people are afraid of facing counselors and therapist to explain their problems that the TalkSpace app provides a strategic platform through which individuals can disclose their issues without feeling embarrassed.

Once someone logs into the application, they are taken through a series of questions like one would whenever they visit a traditional therapist’s clinic. The biggest difference between TalkSpace app and conventional ways of getting a therapist is that with TalkSpace, you get to speak to a professional who helps match your needs with a particular therapist.

One of the leading therapists at TalkSpace is Alicia Winkle. For a long time, Alicia has harbored the fascination of helping others overcome mental health challenges. Alicia Winkles enrolled into nursing school so that she could be a caregiver in the medical field. After having severe anxiety issues, she resorted to change her major to psychology so that she could help others overcome similar or bigger challenges concerning mental health. Alicia enjoys working at TalkSpace and helping individuals regain their mental health.

Alicia Winkles among others at TalkSpace are always happy to help create awareness on matters mental health. For her, she draws a lot of satisfaction from the excitement of clients who have recovered thanks to her efforts.

TalkSpace boasts of a large community of professionals in the fields of psychology, counseling and mental health who are always available to help individuals with various mental challenges. So far, the application has over 500,000 users and has helped many regain their health.