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USHEALTH Group; Providing Affordable Healthcare to Entrepreneurs

USHEALTH Group is an affordable healthcare provider based in Fort Worth, Texas. The provider offers various services through its subsidiary companies known as Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The company offers a broad range of coverage plans to ensure that your healthcare needs are met. Some of the insurance covers that they offer are accident disability income insurance, vision, dental, critical illness, and life insurance. USHEALTH offers free quotes to anyone who visits their site so that they can assess the package that would suit the person. Its clients comprise of small business owners and individuals who are self-employed.


USHEALTH’s mission is to help other people every day. It is summarized as H.O.P.E. The agents and staff of the company work every day to make a difference in the lives of others. The insurance provider has distinguished itself for its affordable and reliable healthcare. They have served tens of millions of customers. The number is increasing each day. USHEALTH has been able to come up with personalized packages because of the many years of experience that they have. This has helped them to understand what the market wants and how they can provide that service.


Clients who need sales assistance can contact the independent licensed agents of USHEALTH Group. They are stationed all over the country. Contacting one is as simple as submitting your zip code on the site to find the agent who is closest to you. The benefit limits of the cover add up each year and rise for up to five years. This means that the insurance coverage grows as the needs of the client grow. Members of USHEALTH Group can view information about their covers online. They also get access to information about their treatment estimates, health, benefits, and RX services.


The company has partnered with several PPO networks to make sure that members get affordable healthcare from where they live. They have partnered with Midlands Choice, Cigna, CVS, First Choice, and Devon Health Services. The USHEALTH Group has won many awards for their service over the years. They were awarded Gold Award at the One Planet Awards and the Stevie Awards last year.