Harriette Thompson is 92

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92 Year Old and Two-time Cancer Survivor Finishes Marathon

Harriette Thompson is the elderly woman everyone hopes to be when they grow old, except Harriette refuses to accept her age. At 92 years old, this runner from North Carolina finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in seven hours and 24 minutes.

While many will assume that Harriette had been a life-long runner, or at least some sort of athlete. The truth, as told to STX Entertainment and Variety.com, is that she didn’t even start running until she was 76 years old. However, her latest marathon was her 16th. It would appear that she is making up for lost time.

Good fortune and health has not always been on her side. She has beaten cancer twice in her lifetime. While she is now a survivor, her husband lost his life to cancer a few months back and her son began his first round of chemotherapy recently. That is why Harriette entered this race with the goal of raising awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Donations can be made in her honor here. Harriette succeeded in her goal. People across the country are talking about her mission and her run. She has even raised nearly $100,000 for the cause.

When people ask Harriette what her secret is, she does not relate it to any special training or diet. She keeps it simple, “I put one foot down and then another one. I love to run.” Harriette’s previous claim to fame was her career as a concert pianisst who played at Carnegie Hall three times. The discipline of the piano is something that she attributes to her running success.