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Wen by Chaz: The Proof Is in the Formula, Folks

Females are the sex that is often the most difficult on themselves–especially when it comes to their personal appearance. From disliking the way that their teeth look to the way that their hair frames their face, ladies are rarely satisfied with themselves. Thankfully and rightfully so, though, countless products exist in favor of abating the stress associated with women disliking their appearances.
Wen by Chaz Dean [], for example, are luxury hair care products designed for all hair types. Often being referred to as a salon in a bottle, these products come in a multitude of scents and capabilities, which makes them heavily used by celebrities and everyday people. The formula put into every bottle considers what tends to damage hair and which ingredients are essential in repairing every strand.

Emily McClure has self-proclaimed thin hair and she also considers herself a hair product enthusiast. After witnessing countless commercials with women flinging their perfectly healthy locks from side to side after using WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner, she decided it was time for a little experiment.

Lasting one week, McClure made it a point to use the same conditioner on her hair each day. Using the recommended amount each time, McClure boasted of how immediately soft her hair felt when using this product, and mentioned was continuously made to how voluminous it actually felt and became. When her friends noticed in less than a week, Emily knew that she made the right choice and that the hype surrounding Wen by Chaz products were not ill-conceived nor unsupported by hard evidence. Wen products are sold on Sephora and on Amazon.