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Waitresses Left Generous Tip in Customer’s Will

Maureen Donohue-Peters has been a waitress at Donohue’s Steak House on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the past 53 years. Her niece, Maureen Barrie, is also a waitress at the same establishment. For years, the two have been waiting on a customer who stopped in almost every day, sometimes twice a day to eat his meals.

Robert Ellsworth ate frequently at Donohue’s Steak House where the two women served him his lunch and dinner for the last several decades. Recently Ellsworth, who is a wealthy art collector, passed away. The women were sadden by his passing. They were also shocked to find out that they were in his Final Will and Testament.

According to the story on The Gothamist, Ellsworth left the two women a large sum of money for their services over the years. The wealthy art patron was worth nearly $200 million when he passed away. He left the two servers $50,000 each in his will. The women were shocked when they heard the news. The elder Maureen said that said that Ellsworth was more than a customer to her after all these years, he was a friend as well.

Ellsworth has spread his wealth over his friends and staff members after he passed away. Many would aspire to have this same sense of generosity.