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Man Catches Fish Too Big For His Boat

A man in Norway has just got back from a recent fishing trip and he has a story about a very large catch that he got. But, the thing is, his fish was so large that he was unable to get it in the boat.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Local (Norway), the fish caught was by Erik Axner and it weighed over 100kg. It was too large to get in the boat so instead he jumped in the water with it to take a few pictures. Apparently it took over 20 minutes for him to win the fight with this thing, but the way Igor Cornelsen sees it, it truly is a dream catch when you look at the photo. In fact, it looks like Axner could ever ride that thing if he wanted to. But instead he let it go. He had heard of another man from Germany that was in the same part of Norway and caught a fish that was over 250kg, but he had no real way to measure this. What we do know is that the fish is a Atlantic Halibut and they are some of the biggest fish in the whole world anyway. It is absolutely incredible to be one of these men and catch a fish so huge but I suppose someone has to hold the records. In any case, at least the fish got to live to see another day.