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Ghosts Are Joining the Superhero Lineup at Theaters Next Year

With superheroes and dinosaurs stomping out all competition at the box office this summer season so far, it is easy to forget about some other promising films that are on the way to theaters over the course of the next year. This is the undisputed time of the sequel in Hollywood, so it’s only natural that “Ghostbusters” will be getting in on the act. Well, actually, the new “Ghostbusters” film that is planned for release in the summer of next year will be more of a reboot of the original movie from 1984 say my friends at the investment firm Madison Street Capital. Still, it will not be conceptually different from the original movie, so it is in keeping with the trend of continuing movie properties that audiences are already familiar with.

The big news about this new “Ghostbusters” film is that it has just started filming. The original was a well-received laugh riot. The remake coming summer of 2016 should pack quite a comedic punch itself. It will star Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. McCarthy’s movie “Spy” is currently getting critical acclaim and lots of laughs as well as respectable amounts of money from moviegoers, so her comedic chops are fairly well established. This movie will reverse the gender roles of the original in that the ghost busters themselves will be women and the receptionist will be none other than Thor himself or Chris Hemsworth as he is known in his earthly actor form. The big question is how will they ever top Ray Parker Jr.’s unforgettable “Ghostbusters” theme song.