Generosity Knows No Bounds

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The $1,000 Tip

Waitresses and Waiters all know the inconsistent income that comes with waiting tables at a restaurants. What a waiter job entails are low wages and sometimes criminally low tips that do not help boost the moral.

One woman, living and working in Florida, can now say that tipping has not only saved her financial instability but has also helped her family. A 22-year old waitress waiting tables with a 2-year old son knows the hardship of instability. However one couple with whom she was waiting tables on, left her a generous $1,000 tip for a $29 dollar meal.

The couple that left the generous tip only has ordered two sodas along with bottomless wings with blue cheese sauce. What did seem odd about the couple is that they kept on asking about the waitresses’ personal life. Keith Mann says that she did tell them was that she was a mother of a 2-year old son, living in a studio apartment with her boyfriend.

The couple who had ordered the simple meal had obviously taken pity on her due to the large tip. The 22-year old will now be moving with her family into a larger apartment that will be more accommodating to a family. The waitress whose life was saved due to this couple is thanking them everyday for this generous gift. Waiters and Waitresses should watch out in case they come to you next with a large tip.