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OSI Group Is Behind The Fast Food Industry

The Needs Of The Fast Food Industry

The fast food industry is worth billions of dollars and operates around the world. This isn’t something that happens easily and there are people behind this success. OSI Group is an example of those who make it possible for the fast food industry to do what it does. The meat processing company gives some of the most popular fast food chains the meat they need in order to run on a daily basis. They have even gone further than that and now provide frozen dough and vegetables for companies in need.

A Century Of Success

OSI has been around for more than a century. It was originally founded in 1909 by a German immigrant who wanted to start his own business in America. He went from simply hiring his own sons to handle much of the business to creating a corporation. From that point on his sons took over the business and tried their hardest to turn it into something even greater than they imagined. This is what got us the OSI Group that we know of today and the success we’ve seen today.

Where The Future Is Headed

The future of fast food is clearly going to include OSI Group. They have already helped it so much. There is a world of potential for innovating in the meat processing industry and there is certainly going to be a need for more workers. OSI Group has succeeded because they understand what customers want and their workers needs. This has allowed them to become a company worth more than $6 billion and they continue to climb in profits. There is a revolution in the fast food industry and it was led by OSI Group all the way through.

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Beneful for Beaux

Being the proud owner of a 12 year old German Shepard named Beaux I am always glad that my local PetSmart has a wide selection of Beneful’s delicious and nutritious dog foods.

Whether it be dry beef or chicken flavors, Beneful’s prepared meals, Chopped Blends Senior formula or healthy weight food I am looking to feed Beaux this go around, I always get it from PetSmart. I personally enjoy supporting a pet supplier with my purchase rather than other large retailers. Also the prices are unbeatable, at my local PetSmart I can pick up a bag of Incredibites for only $6.79! Or 12.5 lbs or grain-free food with farm-roasted chicken for $19.99. Beaux’s favorite bag weighing it at 31.1 lbs of Purina Beneful original beef flavored adult dry dog food costs me less than $24.00!

That gets me almost as excited as Beaux does when I walk his Beneful in the house from my car. And on top of all that, there are so many Beneful coupons to discount the cost even further. Sites like Groupon, and the PetSmart website itself are a good place to start when looking for deals and coupons. Always remember to ask a store customer service representative for coupons when you visit PetSmart.  I know he wouldn’t want me to switch back to generic dog food, and I never will.