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The Global Empire Of Equities First Holdingsand and its subsidaries

In the financial industry Equities First Holdings, LLC is known for its subsidiaries. The global lender continues to see the growing trend with offices currently in nine countries. The private equity firm has subsidiaries located in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia to name a few. The company’s rapid growth continues to provide lending options at highly exceptional competitive terms. The non-recourse lending is merely collateralized strictly by publicly traded stocks along with securities allowing solutions for both business and individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Specializing in efficient alternative lending solutions, has equipped Equity First Holdings subsidiaries an overall global development strategy to provide lending options on a whole new financial level. With EFH subsidiaries, all company information including registered office address, filing history, account, annual returns, etc are all accessible to the public globally.

Agora Outs Investors in a Better Financial Position

Agora Financial is the company that is keeping people in the loop when it comes to financial literacy. This company has consultants that are ready to provide information that people need if they are serious about getting there portfolio in better shape. No one can build a successful portfolio without actually getting financial literature to make better decisions. This is exactly what Agora Financial has in place. It is the company that provides the financial literature that can turn around any weak portfolio.

If people have access to better information they can make informed decisions about what they are going to buy or sell when it comes to their stocks. There are so many changes that are happening in the market from day-to-day. It is going to be very beneficial to get the help that from this team to build the best possible portfolio as soon as possible.

There are a wide range of people that are appreciative of financial literature that they can get from a company like Agora Financial. It certainly makes it easier than going out and searching the entire internet for information over and over again.

Agora Financial has the consultants that are actually going out and pounding the pavement. They really want to know the companies that are going to have groundbreaking products or services. These consultants search hard and find the type of investment opportunities that people can engage in early. When investors have access to this type of information they are going to be much better equipped to build a better financial plan in the long-term.

Investors are actually getting the opportunity to get access to information from a plethora of different consultants under the Agora Financial umbrella. These investors and consultants have a wide range of experience with researching various investment opportunities.

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Finance Firm Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is an entrepreneur in the finance industry. He co founded and built an investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. Over the years his firm has emerged as one of the leading companies in terms of providing comprehensive financial services. What has enabled James to make his investment firm stand out is by specializing in managing credit backed securities. Before becoming an entrepreneur, James worked in the finance industry as a credit analyst. During this time, he would develop the experience and knowledge necessary to put together his own financial services firm. Along with being a top executive and entrepreneur, James is very active in his community. He regularly participates in a number of philanthropic activities. Visit his website at

What has made James very successful over the years is his frequent efforts in following the financial markets. He is always reading about and overseeing the latest trends in the industry. This allows him to know what opportunities will be the most profitable in the near future. As well as finding opportunities that are among the most profitable, James also looks for financial securities that are undervalued and looks to acquire them. By getting undervalued securities, he has been able to grow his wealth as well as help investors grow theirs. Using this approach has enabled James to establish himself as one of the more prosperous financial professionals in the world.



James Dondero is an entrepreneur in the finance industry along with being a philanthropist. Over the course of his career, he has spent a lot of time and money donating to various causes in his local community. James contributes to organizations that help victims of family violence as well as helping students get the education they need to pursue their career goals. Dondero has also provided funds for healthcare and veteran’s affairs. These contributions have allowed James to make a positive contribution to his community on a regular basis. With his efforts, James has proven to make a difference and enable members of the Dallas community to enhance their quality of life. James’ contributions have been instrumental in helping a number of people live more fulfilling lives. Read more about James Dondero on

How Felipe Montoro Jens has contributed to Rapid Privatization Processes in Brazil

Since Brazil was accentuated in the early 20th century, the State has galvanized many processes in the country starting from how companies conduct themselves. In many instances, the State presence has led to a deviation from the publicly owned entities to the privatization of these entities. The main motivating factor towards this process has looked into the Brazilian external debt as a crisis that hit the sector. From the late 80’s when privatization took a toll on the rise of the industry, the infrastructural sector has witnessed growth in business entities and demand for the institutionalization of the sector.

Formation of National Privatization Program

Having honored this clamor for institutionalization, the National Privatization Program was established as an institution that would spearhead reforms in the growing economic sector. After this process, the reforms, the petrochemical, aeronautical and the steel sectors were the first recipients of these changes and as they recorded the highest numbers of companies getting privatized.

Subsequently, the government saw off this rise and in their 1995 Concessions Law, it gave much priority to the telecommunication, sanitation and other sectors that embraced this scheme. According to the National Confederation of Industry, these subsectors have highly modernized their operations since privatization, courtesy of the several financial prospects that awaited them. The same sentiments were shared by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructural expert in the Brazilian economy.

Felipe Montoro Jens’s Career

As a reputed financial professional, Felipe Montoro Jens serves as a Chief Executive Officer of Energizer Captacao S.A, following his promotion from the San Antonio Energia Director. Before joining Energia, he had a three-year stint as a director at Braskem from 2010 to 2013. In his capacity, he was also an elected member of the Board of Management at Concessionaria do Centro.

Other Roles

Felipe Montoto Jens has led a distinguished financial career helping institutions and government sector as privatization consultant. He has immensely contributed to the privatization debate across Brazil and the various partnerships existing between Brazilian government, National Bank for Economic and Social Development, and private companies. Through this, Felipe has continued to receive immense recognition for development of solid economic policies for various institutions to help them in their daily operations.

Mr. David Luther Giertz Ideas On Saving

Creating a budget, saving money and making arranging requirements for insurance are plans for a sustainable retirement plan. The retirement strategy should also include on methods used to spend the saved funds. This will entail daily needs with the inclusion of simple and pure fun. Saving money is usually a hard habit for other people to practice. This process becomes easier when it becomes habitual. The most difficult task is when one takes the saved money to investment. It is always a scary decision for one to make.

Those who have saved up to millions are always too scared to spend the money. This is because they were not spent thrift earlier in their lives. One of the things that those who have retired should get to get to know is, it is fine to use the saved money without feeling guilty. It surprises people that some Americans have a small fortune saved. This is despite the notion that Americans do not have savings. Most of the people who save tend to shy off from an extravagant lifestyle. A cording to Mr. David Giertz, enjoying retirement simply includes balancing saving money and the wise expenditure of it.

Mr. David Giertz is a renowned financial advisor. He is an employee of a famous company called Nationwide Investment Corporation situated in Dublin, Ohio. Mr. Giertz has a work experience of over thirty-one years. He has also passed four examinations. David is also a broker registered with FINRA. Those sales persons who work for large companies are always referred to as brokers. These huge firms majorly focus on selling and buying of securities such as bonds, stocks, and other investment related securities.

These firms dealing with buying and selling of securities are also registered with FINRA. They are also permitted to engage in the transaction of securities for their clients as a broker or as a dealer for its account. Apart from working with Life Insurance and Annuities and Investment Advisory Services, he is also a member of Mutual Fund Underwriter. Mr. Giertz has also worked with Citicorp Investment Services, Financial Horizons Securities Corporation, and Money Securities Corp.

Why Millions of Customers are Flocking to Equities First Holdings UK for Loans

Some years back, the leading lenders were making their best efforts to discourage borrowers from accessing financial help and assistance i.e. loans. The financial creditors and lenders often used to deny the loan applicant the grant on the premise of the poor credit score. Then in comes, President Trump with his ambitious agenda and program to stir up the American growth machine one and for all, starting from the inside thanks to homegrown companies like Equities First Holdings UK. Have you heard of these rising star in the alternative lending sector? Either way, here are the core services and products offered by this hedge fund firm with ties all across the globe today.

Solutions Offered By Equities First

The major issue with acquiring capital funding from the conventional banking institutions is that the money comes with strings attached. That’s where Equities First breaks apart from the rest of the pack. Equities don’t care what you use the money for; the discretion is yours. Again, in a shift from norms, Equities doesn’t ask for the log book to your vehicles or the title deeds to your properties as the collateral for the loans reaching up to a million dollars for some of the high-profile personalities on their clientele roster. All you do is just turn in share certificates of whatever stocks and shares you happen to have on your portfolio. The document acts as the insurance in case the worst happens, and you default.

Background information

Defaulting is almost an unheard of thing in the Equities First UK realm. How can you fail to make the payments considering the ultra-low repayment interest rates charged? Equities now have operational offices in London, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Perth in Australia. The reputable financial services have its headquarters stationed in Indianapolis, IN. According to their LinkedIn profile, Equities First Holdings,UK has around 35 employees, and it got founded fifteen years ago.

WSJ Wealth Adviser’s Columnist Interviews David Giertz

David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. has nearly 29 years of expertise as a licensed broker and financial advisor. His career in the investment and banking industry began in 1988 while working for Skokie Federal Savings, Mony Securities Corporation, and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. He also worked for Financial Horizons Securities, Citicorp Investment Services, FI/WH, and Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Throughout his career, he has helped thousands of consumers with financial planning for future retirement, investing, and other services.

In 2014, Mr. Giertz focused his attention on the importance of financial advisers to discuss social security with their clients; and shares his viewpoint in an WSJ Wealth Adviser interview with Columnist Veronica Dagher. During the interview, David Giertz discussed the necessity of financial planners to talk to their clients about social security. In a study conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, 900 consumers the age of 50 or older were surveyed and stated they were not told about social security by their advisor. Mr. Giertz said that from the prospective of an advisor, it’s very significant from a retention prospective after the survey revealed that four out of five consumers said they would change advisors if their financial advisor didn’t discuss social security.

The reasoning behind David Giertz assessment about social security counselling is the complexity of its handbook, which has 2700 rules. He says it’s a lot to comprehend and part of it is understanding and confidence around those rules. Advisors need to take interest into the situation, he said, because they are part of the retirement planning process. Giertz also emphasized on the survey finding that retirees who withdrew social security too soon could possibly loss up to $300,000 over a 25-year timeframe. He ended the interview by saying social security must be discussed with clients to optimize their retirement income.

Tim Armour: CEO of Capital Group

Tim Armour was born in 1960, and earned a BA in Economics. Time currently works for Capital Group, which is the home of American Funds.

American Funds is one of the largest active fund managers in the world, and even owns some stock in Netflix. Tim joined Capital Group in 1983 and has since worked his way to the top. He has 34 years of experience with the company, and counting, and now he’s currently the CEO.

After years of devotion to the Capital Group company, and accumulating years of experience in his field of work, the Board of Directors of Capital Group named Tim as Chairman of Capital Group. Tim also holds many other titles and positions in the company, such as the Chairman and Principle Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, which is also a part of Capital Group. Tim is also a portfolio investment manager.

Earlier in his career he also worked as an equity investment analyst, also for Capital Group. Tim started with the Capital Group Company through The Associate Program, and has been a proud employee ever since, all the way up until he was made the owner in 2015. Tim Armour now works out of Los Angeles and carries out many important roles in the Capital Group’s management and funding as well. Tim is using his degree in economics to provide his insight into current events taking place in the economy and using that to make his educated decisions about investments. He is very experienced in his role, and is expected to only take the company to greater heights.

Creative Productivity: Fashion and Technology – How to Deliver the Best of Both Worlds in Your Job

The fashion business, and also the technological sector, has seen many changes as the years progressed and the sole remaining factor is that both sectors grew alongside each other. After some time, technology gets to be distinctly fashionable, and fashion turns out to be technologically fashionable. How they have become together is an intriguing voyage. A look at over a wide span of time sparkles a light on what lies ahead later on. As of now, the union of technology and fashion is going on. Fashion creators have a great time making what conveys, and they see this plausibility with the utilization of technology. Such utilization leads to a higher standard in usefulness and innovation.

Anouk Wipprecht is the Dutch fashion designer who weds technology with fashion states. He believes technology is like a playing ground and a position of examination. The way you jump further and more profoundly into the technology and frameworks, it rewards you with unlimited potential outcomes. She is known for her cutting edge outlines. She has actually planned a drink-making dress, the DareDroid and Pseudomorphs, the self-painting dress. Curiously, creators are reusing materials to make fantastic fashions. SegraSegra reused internal containers of bikes to make coats and shirts, and Emma Whiteside made a substantial outfit with reused radiator copper.

Fashion and technology can be utilized together to create vitality. Since development can be changed over to electrical energy, recently made clothing catches the kinetic vitality to power such things as watch, mp3, et cetera. Another example is that of Soledad Martin is designing a type of a shoe that can enable you to charge the cell phone while walking or running.

Chris Burch is a known business visionary and has a huge business foundation in an extensive variety of fields, including real estate, fashion, and technology. Mr. Burch began his vocation as a student at Itchica College here he and his sibling Bob began Eagles Eye clothing, which developed to $165 million but later he sold it. Right now, he is the pioneer of Burch Creative Capital, which takes pride in great brand portfolio including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Cocoon9, and Nihiwatu.

Christopher Burch is also the originator and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch is a dynamic financial specialist in an assortment of organizations crossing an extensive variety of enterprises. He is additionally the co-founder of Tory Burch and luxury fashion brand. Mr. Burch has dependably been dedicated to branding and right now applies his marketing sense and sales to business interests crossing attire, technology, hospitality, technology and consumer items.