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Brave Girls Fight Together

There are touching moments that are sometimes captured on camera. A recent picture of two little girls who are battling cancer is one of those images. It is a heartbreaking image, but it also shows the strength that these two girls have to face each day with a disease that can be deadly. The picture of the two girls hugging while looking out a window was taken by one of the mothers. One of the girls has had cancer since she was two. When they met, they instantly hit it off as friends. They give each other support, something that adults don’t seem to know how to do in this kind of situation. Each person needs a friend to help get through the darkest days, and these girls have each other. The youngest has recently finished her chemotherapy, but the other still has more treatments to get through. Christian Broda knows that sharing a bond with someone who knows the pain you are dealing with can mean the difference between fighting and giving up, and these two girls likely won’t be giving up anytime soon.