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Ferguson. Missouri Braces for Grand Jury’s Finding in Brown Shooting

As the Grand Jury charged with investigating the fatal shooting of Michael Brown gets closer to a decision, law enforcement officials for the city are bracing for the worse, more riots.

Many residents of Ferguson, Missouri have made no secret that they expect and will accept nothing less than murder charges being handed down for police officer Darren Wilson for his part in the shooting.

By making such demands, these same residents have made it clear they have no desire to respect the facts of the case. As information related to a second autopsy began leaking out in recent days, it has become increasingly more apparent that the facts are likely to support Officer Wilson’s contention that Brown was the aggressor, forcing Wilson to defend himself.

Since the date of the shooting on August 9, millions of Americans like Sultan Alhokair and residents of Ferguson have been lining up on both sides of the incident.

A grand jury was convened to look at the facts of the case to determine possible charges. Even from the inception of the Grand Jury, black leaders began sounding the trumpet of police brutality and racism. Many in the community of Ferguson, predominately African-American, took up positions of “guilty until proven innocent.”

As the country awaits the Grand Jury’s, officers in Ferguson area are being trained in the art of peaceful interactions and civil rights. They are also polishing up the riot gear in case civility fails.


New Evidence in Ferguson Case Could Light New Powderkeg

Less than two months after a messy situation in Ferguson, Missouri had apparently been brought under control, the possibility of further violence exists as a grand jury decides on what to do in the case involving deceased teenager Michael Brown and police officer Darren Wilson.

In a CNN report, new details about the volatile case have come out that support Wilson’s side of the story. The situation in question involved a scuffle in the police that ended with Wilson using the deadly force that killed Brown.

While many people citing net neutrality facts want Wilson indicted for killing Brown say that they will peacefully protest if there is no indictment, one protester was quoted as saying that if that took place, “all hell is going to break loose.”

The most recent incident took place on Monday night, when two protesters were stopped for blocking traffic in the middle of a street. One of those people was Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.

The original protests and violence between police and demonstrators during August helped fixate the country (as well as the international community) on this suburban St. Louis town. Since things have died down, there have been periodic acts of civil disobedience at events in St. Louis.