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One Life To Live’s Stacy Morasco-Crystal Hunt

One Life to Live is a daytime soap opera, which followed characters in fictional Llandview, Pennsylvania. The show ran for 43 years, before being canceled in 2011. One Life to Live was a drama, focusing on love, friendship, family, betrayal, sickness, death, and crime. Fans of One Life to Live fell in love with some characters and loved to hate others. It was this love that got them tuned in every day.

Over the years, One Life to Live has told the story of many, many characters. One of the most “love to hate” characters was Stacy Morasco. Stacy Morasco was the sister of Gigi Morasco. Gigi got pregnant as a teen by her boyfriend at the time, Rex Balsam, and was thrown out of her home. She left, and had her son, and named him Shane. She then raised him alone. She never told Rex about Shane. Eventually, the truth came out. Rex wanted to be a father to Shane and he fell in love with Gigi again. Everything was perfect until Stacy showed up.

Rex and Gigi found themselves working on a case, which led them to the strip club that Stacy was working it. Stacy had a crush on Rex as a kid, and that crush never stopped. Stacy made nice with Gigi, and got invited to move with her to Llandview. It didn’t take long for Stacy to cause problems between Rex and Gigi. She went as far as drugging Rex, and making him believe they had slept together. She enlisted the help of her best friend and former co-worker, Kimberly Andrews, to fake a pregnancy to keep Rex in her life forever. Over time, Stacy realized that she couldn’t fake a pregnancy forever, and went out to get pregnant by someone else, so that she could pass it off as Rex’s. She slept with Oliver Fish, who was trying to deny the fact that he was gay by sleeping with her, and she got pregnant.

A crazy man named Mitch Lawrence believed that Rex was his son. When he found out that Stacy was pregnant with Rex’s baby, he kidnapped her. He planned for her to deliver the baby, and he would keep the child and raise it as his own. It wasn’t until Stacy found out why she was being held hostage that she finally told the truth about the baby’s paternity. Just as Mitch was going to kill her, she escaped. She found her sister Gigi in the woods, and went into labor. Gigi got her to a cabin and helped her deliver the baby. During the delivery, the sisters bonded.

After the baby was born, he became ill. Stacy decided to brave the storm that was going on outside to get help for the baby, while Gigi kept the baby warm in the cabin. Stacy was overcome by the elements, and it was assumed that she died.

Years later, Stacy came back to Llandview after having plastic surgery to make her look like Gigi. While protecting her son from bullies, Gigi was locked in a basement and died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Toward the end of the series, a woman showed up with Gigi’s face, but no memory who she was. In the end, it was revealed that the woman who died in the basement was Stacy, and the woman who had no memory was Gigi.

Stacy Morasco was played by the talented actress, Crystal Hunt. Crystal had a background in soap acting before working on One Life to Live, by playing Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light in 2005. Since leaving One Life to Live, she appeared on 23 Blast, as Molly, and starred in the mega hit, Magic Mike XXL, as Lauren. Considering Crystal Hunt’s acting skills, it is likely that we will see her in many other movies and television shows in the future.  Her Vimeo will continue to have highlights of new work as it becomes available.