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Ryan Seacrest’s Life

Have you ever thought about where you were going in life? If you would end up being somewhere like Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest worked hard to get where he is today. He went to school and that was when he decided to do something with his life. He works as a TV host today and works hard at what he does to keep the company going. He started being that person when he was in high school. This was when he was DJ working for the school and just having fun with his life. Little did he know this was what he was going to do for the rest of his life. He works on the show American Idol where he works along side the judges that were chose to be on there as well. He is not only one that has worked to get here though. He became friends with many of the people that he works beside because they had to start somewhere. This all started when he hit it off on the air starting with On-Air with Ryan Seacrest which was his own daily daytime TV show. This really kicked things off for him and made him have a start to being on the television. So when he was asked to be on American Idol there was nothing to shock people. He had been on the tv and in front of people his entire life. He was used to it and still very much is used to it. This didn’t seem to make him uncomfortable and it was easy money for him doing something that he was used to his whole life.

Ryan was one of the people that was almost expected to be on the TV due to his way of making people laugh until they cried. He worked on his own cassettes and gave them to his parents to listen to while they were in the car. He was one of the boys who liked to stay inside and listen to the radio with his mom rather than being outside. Everybody thought it was his hobby. He also introduced a new style and vigour to men’s retail fashion through his own clothing line.

Check out Ryan Seacrest’s Youtube Channel to know more about his radio show.