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Technologist Eric Pulier & How He Has Transcened Information Technology

Technology is pretty much running the game right now as well as controlling the world. Just about every electronic device has some form of advanced technology that’s implemented within its structure. Whether it be smartphones, televisions or gaming consoles, it’s all made possible by technology. On the other hand, technology can be used for purposes other than entertainment. Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey, has played a critical role in society thanks to his inventions and concepts. He’s a master thinker, and he does a lot of brainstorming for coming up with ideas. It’s generally how he starts his day. Pulier has made a name for himself thanks to information technology, and he’s founded many brilliant IT companies. This includes:

• Akana Software
• Service Mesh Inc.
• Digital Evolution
• US Interactive
• Media Platform
• Desktone
• And many more

Eric Pulier has always been an intuitive listener. During his childhood days, Pulier would always score high on tests, and he would always seem to ask all of the right questions. This inquisitive nature has paid off for him. He’s one of the top technologists in the country, and he has used advanced technology to work his way to the top. Pulier attended Harvard University between 1984-1988. While at Harvard, he was constantly busy thanks to his editing and column writing gigs. Yes, Pulier wrote for the Harvard Crimson publication, but he also found time to study at the prestigious MIT. To his family’s surprise, he would major in English and American Literature. Though his family thought that he would study engineering this extraordinary man had other plans.

Pulier has incorporated a lot of reading into his daily life. This would go on to help him understand the business world much better. One of his first companies wasn’t proceeding as well because he was entrenched into mentoring and teaching others. This lack of business knowledge showed in his company’s poor performance, but once he figured out that end of the equation, the rest was history. All in all, Eric Pulier has transcended the game, and he’s a true testament to his own success.

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Eric Pulier Uses Technology Wisely

Technology can be very beneficial to people who know how to use it. It was very beneficial to Eric Pulier. He has used it to help with health, education, and other aspects of life. For instance, in the earlier days of internet, he has built a few websites that could help children connect with one another. One website he has built, Starbright World, connects children who suffer from chronic illnesses. There are other activities that Eric is involved in that involves solving different problems. Eric Pulier is one very successful person that works well with those who are less fortunate.

Having disadvantages can be very tough. Therefore, it is a nice thing for someone to take the time to find a solution that could help those that are less fortunate. Even if it is a platform for people to meet together. Often times, the one thing that people need the most is for someone to listen to them. This could give the person the encouragement to move forward with his life. Eric Pulier thinks a lot about the simple things that could mean so much to people who are faced with certain challenges in their lives.

Eric Pulier himself has taken on many challenges for people. He is an entrepreneur that has built quite a few businesses. He has created the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Then he was involved in the health care and technology that Al Gore owned when he was Vice President. He has also been involved in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier has not only been successful, but he has always worked towards a meaningful. Every career choice he made was with the interests of people in mind. Everything he does is meant to sole some kind of problem for people. His passion for solving problems has led him to sit on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation.

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