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Why Millions of Customers are Flocking to Equities First Holdings UK for Loans

Some years back, the leading lenders were making their best efforts to discourage borrowers from accessing financial help and assistance i.e. loans. The financial creditors and lenders often used to deny the loan applicant the grant on the premise of the poor credit score. Then in comes, President Trump with his ambitious agenda and program to stir up the American growth machine one and for all, starting from the inside thanks to homegrown companies like Equities First Holdings UK. Have you heard of these rising star in the alternative lending sector? Either way, here are the core services and products offered by this hedge fund firm with ties all across the globe today.

Solutions Offered By Equities First

The major issue with acquiring capital funding from the conventional banking institutions is that the money comes with strings attached. That’s where Equities First breaks apart from the rest of the pack. Equities don’t care what you use the money for; the discretion is yours. Again, in a shift from norms, Equities doesn’t ask for the log book to your vehicles or the title deeds to your properties as the collateral for the loans reaching up to a million dollars for some of the high-profile personalities on their clientele roster. All you do is just turn in share certificates of whatever stocks and shares you happen to have on your portfolio. The document acts as the insurance in case the worst happens, and you default.

Background information

Defaulting is almost an unheard of thing in the Equities First UK realm. How can you fail to make the payments considering the ultra-low repayment interest rates charged? Equities now have operational offices in London, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Perth in Australia. The reputable financial services have its headquarters stationed in Indianapolis, IN. According to their LinkedIn profile, Equities First Holdings,UK has around 35 employees, and it got founded fifteen years ago.

Who Benefits From The Lending Services Offered By Equities First Holdings Company And How?

Equities First Holdings is an international company that offers a variety of lending solutions for individuals as well as businesses. The company has a high net worth but who benefits from their operations and how?

Usually, borrowers who require urgent capital or individuals with a high net worth are the ideal candidates for the company. Other borrowers who do not qualify for the credit based loans also rely on the services they offer or benefit from working with Equities First Holdings. This is entirely possible because the company offers a wide variety of lending services such as equities lending. Many have the option of borrowing from commercial banks and other investment facilities, but the rules and procedures involved in securing a loan is a great challenge. Equities First Holdings come in here to help those who are challenged getting capital from elsewhere.

Businesses along with individuals can also benefit from Equities First by applying for a stock loan. In this case, Equities First will use equities as collateral for a given period, usually within three years. If an individual owns some stock in a company and is optimistic of their appreciation in few years, Equities First will accept them as collateral as well. One only needs to transfer the shares to the lending company and then receive their loan proceeds. This is why one needs to consider working with Equities First Holdings as long as one owns some shares somewhere.

Business expansion is a dream of every business owner and sometimes lack of capital can be a big challenge. Working with Equities First could be the long due solution for the expansion, payment of a high debt as well as fulfilling a personal need. Actually, for any capital flexibility, one can rely on Equities First Holdings because they aim at resolving any financial struggle. You only need to contact them and start enjoying the benefits that come from working with Equities First Holdings.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has been offering their clients alternative financing solutions since 2002. They give capital to individuals and businesses as they receive publicly traded stocks from them with the aim of assisting them to meet their goals. So far they have managed to conclude over 650 transactions valued over $1.4 billion in giving their customers loans at a low fixed interest rate. The company has offices in different countries including London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

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