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Entrepreneur Josh Verne Reveals Tips for Success

During a podcast back in August, entrepreneur Josh Verne talked about his business experiences as well as what it takes to be successful. Verne revealed a lot of interesting things that will prove to be very valuable to anyone looking to reach their full potential. On the podcast interview, Josh revealed that one of the best ways to achieve success is to find something that you are very passionate about. It is important to participate in a career that is compatible with your interests and abilities. Another thing that Josh Verne said was that you will benefit by having a balanced life where you have good health and a satisfying personal life along with financial security. Josh also believes that you need to be an effective leader, listen more and also look for a win win situation in any business or personal matter.


Josh Verne is the current co founder of a company called FlockU. He co founded this company in the year 2014. While his company is quite young, Verne has built it into an innovative and successful marketing company. Josh looked for a way to provide marketing and e commerce services that would benefit college students. Therefore, he founded this company to allow students to access content information about upcoming events and trends on campus. As well as providing content marketing to students, Verne has made his company into an entity that helps companies more easily market themselves through more effective branding.


Before Josh Verned pursued a career in entrepreneurship, he worked as a warehouse clerk at his family’s furniture distribution business. During his years at the family business, Josh would learn more about inventory management as well as how to run a business. He would eventually rise up the ranks of the company and help run its operations on a daily basis. After he worked for his family’s furniture distribution business, Josh would go on to work for retail companies as a sales and marketing representative. He helped these retailers reach very high sales figures of over $100 million. Verne would then start up his first company called Workpays.