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Graeme Holm: The Financial Hero Who Has Been Helping Australians To Get Out Of Debt

Graeme Holm started up Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the intention of working with regular Australians to help them meet their financial goals. The company utilizes a customer-driven business model that has done a lot of good for Australians who were tired of dealing with the Big Four banking environment. By helping them to reduce their debt and to save for their future, Graeme Holm is offering a service that more and more people are wanting. His timely founding of the company was related to his own frustration with what the Big Four was offering people in Australia. Instead of just watching while people were given generic advice and cookie cutter solutions, he decided to do something about it.


Graeme Holm has set up Infinity Group Australia so that Australians have access to their own personal banker who can give them case-specific advice to help get them out of debt. Australians who work with the company have been able to pay off their debt in much less time than they would have if they had been working with the Big Four, and this is due to the overwhelming support and real-world advice they receive. All of their clients pay more off of their home loan balance within the first 90 days than they do in a year working within an outdated banking model.


Graeme Holm knows the market he works in and understands his clients’ needs very well. He knows that most Australians are living on a very limited amount of income or living from one paycheck to the next. Due to their lack of knowledge, this has forced many of them to make a minimum payment on their home loans, which means they will be paying it off for what may seem like forever to them. Instead of taking 30 years to pay them off, most of his clients pay their home loans off within 7-10 years. This success has motivated many Australians to leave positive reviews for the company, which reduces the amount of marketing he Holm needs to do.


When Graeme Holm was asked what advice he might give a younger version of himself, he replied that he would tell himself to not deal with people who have loose ethics or low moral standards. Doing so can have a huge effect on your career, and he also would advise himself to continue to work on his passion. He commented that most people never realize how close they are to finding real success and indicated that they give up way too soon.

Learn more : https://angel.co/graeme-holm