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Harry Harrison, Reading and Work

Harry Harrison in the past was the man in charge at Barclays Non-Core. He was employed with the company in London, England between the years of 2014 and 2017. He was part of the firm’s trading and investment divisions for more than two decades. He graduated from both the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He studied economics and finance. He now lives all the way across the pond in New York, New York in the United States. Amy Nauiokas is his wife. She also happens to be Anthemis Group’s President and Founder. Anthemis Group, in a nutshell, is an investment and advisory business that concentrates on digital finances.

Harrison is undoubtedly a professional who knows how to accomplish things. He makes a point to attempt to take on issues immediately. He doesn’t like the concept of dillydallying and letting situations become more and more intense with time. If he had the opportunity to have a chat with his youthful counterpart from decades ago, he’d recommend reveling in the quest.

Although Harrison is a diligent entrepreneur who thinks about all kinds of business matters, he still takes the time to treat his body correctly. He does this by participating in yoga. He hasn’t been a fan of the discipline for long, however. It’s only been in his regimen for a relatively short period of time. Harrison states that yoga is giving him all sorts of mental and physical perks.

This solid businessman pays a lot of attention to apps that are on the market. He’s particularly keen on one that’s known simply as “Waze.” Waze is an app that’s all about in-depth navigation. Harrison indicates that no other app that’s similar can hold a candle to Waze right now. He appreciates the manner in which it manages crowdsourcing duties.

Harrison has done a lot of reading throughout his life. There are certain books that have resonated with him throughout the years as well. “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates is among Harrison’s staples. He also has a soft spot for “The Little Engine That Could.”

Payment Innovation Expert Deirdre Baggot Looks at the Benefits of Bundled Payment

Deirdre Baggot is a well-known payment innovation expert and healthcare business strategist who focuses on bundled payments. For that, she has received immense national recognition in the healthcare field, mainly due to her contribution to bundled payments. Aside from that, Baggot is a prolific author who has penned articles on payment transformation, healthcare reform, and bundled payments, particularly on her Slideshare account. Follow Deirdre Baggot on Instagram

In one of her articles, Baggot looks at how small innovations in healthcare delivery can generate substantial financial gains. According to her, new payment techniques like bundled payment allow CMS to shift away from conventional fee-for-service thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Also, by increasingly following CMS’ lead, commercial payers are displaying a keen interest in bundling payments, primarily to providers. This move is due to the need to cut expenses not only in the areas of avoidable readmissions but also post-acute care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires new bundles that surpass elective surgical procedures to include avoidable readmissions, post-acute services, and medical conditions. It also expands the duration of care three days before inpatient admission to 30, 60 or 90 days after discharge. Baggot also said that the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) applicants seem to view high-end elective methods as a logical beginning point, as with the bundling tests conducted before.

About Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot prides herself on being the most esteemed voices in healthcare payment reform. Aside from her experience as a hospital executive and clinician, she is known for pioneering bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot led Exempla Healthcare’s CMS Acute Care Episode (ACE) bundled demonstration. In the course of her career, she has created and spearheaded consulting practices that are focused on payment innovation and bundled payments that generated over $5 million in yearly revenue, mainly for two healthcare advisory companies. Furthermore, Baggot has formulated and implemented payment models with Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Payors and employers in more than 200 hospitals.

Visit: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/09/22/15/15/business-consult


All about Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a successful and prominent entrepreneur who is also a businessman. In earlier years, he attended Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelor of science in organizational leadership. He pursued the course between 1992 – 1995. Having completed his education, he has been able to utilize his skills to help and develop different sectors.

He is the CEO and co-founder of ATS digital services. ATS is currently the leading premium provider of digital support services and they have been supporting the world. Mr. Deignan found the organization in 2011 which is located in Florida at a place called Boca Raton. Their dedication is ensuring that their consumers that are loyal customers are receiving the best and their high levels of products and services. Their aim is to keep the customers at satisfaction level.

He started his career working at iS3 company that was located in Florida at a place known as Boynton beach. The company used to develop products for business and even consumers which ensured internet security, personalized support, and optimizing computers. Their role was protecting their customer’s computers from viruses and malicious software s. In this company, he developed marketing skills having worked from 2002 to 2011. He was holding the position as the executive vice president.

In a lifetime, when one is not busy working in the office they opt to take other curriculum activities.

Robert Deignan takes success everywhere he goes. He and others have a sailing team called the liquid fishing team that participated in silver sailfish derby that takes place annually. This takes place at sailfish marina that is located on shores of palm beach. During the match, he castled a threadfin which was herring to sailfish. He hooked it and decided to fight for it until rod tip touched leader connector and they won the 79th silver sailfish derby having 11 releases.

Robert Deignan is also interested in charity work. He participates in Carolina tournaments that were about boat building in 2017. The aim is to donate money so that they can offer scholarships for graduate and college students. It is an act of giving back to the community.


Alexandre Gama And Neogama Refocusing On Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of Brazil’s greatest advertising and creative minds. Since 1981 he has worked in a number of capacities at many of Brazil’s top firms. He started as a copywriter and later moved on to become a creative director and executive. In 1996 Gama was named as the CEO/COO of one of Brazil’s largest advertising agencies, Young & Rubicam.

Gama decided to leave Young & Rubicam in 199 and form his own agency which he aptly named Neogama. Over the course of the next two decades Gama has established Neogama as one of the best agencies in the world. Neogama has been recognized with 26 Golden Lion Awards at the Cannes Film Festival over the years and has won numerous other industry awards for its work all over the world. In 2017, Gama has announced that the company will refocus their efforts on the Brazilian market instead of the worldwide market.

Dr. Mark McKenn, ALlittle Drummer of Entrepreneurs

There are always some people that decide that they follow their own hearts and minds. They listen to the little drummer in themselves and think that it is best to the follow that beat, no matter how many people think that they are wrong. Dr. Mark McKenna listens to the beat of his little drummer and has become a very successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been featured and interviewed on CBS TV and been given the nickname ‘Doctorpreneur.”

His journey to being a Doctorpreneur began when he was studying medicine at Tulane Medical School and felt that it is hard to be rich when a person becomes a doctor. After his five year experience as being a part of his father’s medical practice, he came to the conclusion that changes in billing had made it harder for doctors to make money.
He thought the way to make more money was to go into real estate. He would get $5ts0 an hour treating prison patients and used 100 percent of that money to invest in real estate. After medical school, he practiced medicine as well started a real estate company called McKenna Venture Investments. He was successful and was able to acquire two more companies called Universal Mortgage and Uptown Title.

In a few years, his company was composed of 50 employees that could offer finance, turnkey build and real estate services. Dr. Mark McKenna usually made 500,000 US dollars a year. All his businesses together were said to be worth somewhere between 4 and 5 US million dollars.

Like most Louisana real estate owners in 2005, he lost millions of dollars because of Hurricane Katrina. He haad d to leave New Orleans and his employees had to scatter throughout the nation.

Dr. Mark McKenna came back to New Orleans and took advantage of government subsidies to rebuild the city. He would use the money to design, build and flip properties. S

He then decided that real estate was not area to make a lot of money. He dissolved his company and made about 800,000 US dollars.

His next big venture is to create an app called OVME. This app would help people contact conmetic surgeons and they would give a piece of what they make to Dr. Mark McKenna. It essentially would be the Uber of plastic/cosmetic surgery.

There is no doubt that Dr. Mark McKenna will be as successful with OVME as he has been with his other ventures.

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Achievements of George Soros as a Great Philanthropist

George Soros is a very famous forex trader, entrepreneur, and a great philanthropist. He has been on the frontline making big progress in his entire life and has been known for his giving heart. He is the sole founder of famous Open Society Foundations and has been on the frontline dedicating his part of wealth to people across the world. He has been in a position to help many people for who they are. In fact, he has a great love for those who are always persecuted for the status they are in. They have been able to combat all manners of persecution and have never given up on their dreams in life. George Soros has been able to donate more than $32 billion through the Open Society Foundations that have been used towards fighting for the freedom of expression, justice, and equality and also accountable and democratic governments. He has been on the frontline making sure that he works for a thing else but success.

George Soros has also been listed by Forbes as the 19th richest man in whole world. He has become a great figure that can be trusted towards bringing major changes. He is definitely as a very wealthy person who doesn’t feel the pinch when giving out resources and has totally dedicated his life to the betterment of other people. He is also the richest hedge fund manager in the whole world and has been recognized for his tremendous achievements in making people prosper in life. George Soros is the founder of the famous Soros Fund Management which happens to be the biggest company in the whole world and has a great vision for technology. The company was established in the year 1954 immediately after he had done very well in his education. He had even started working on various philosophical theories which he had learned from the books of Karl Poppers who was a great Philosopher.

George Soros has a wide range of experience in finance and forex industry. He has worked as a European Stock analyst for various companies and has always dedicated his time and skills towards increasing and expanding his knowledge. He happens to have been proud alumni of the famous London School of Economics. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the year 1951 and later masters in Philosophy from the same schools. He has never given up on his desire and pushes towards becoming a great person and decided to venture into various sectors. While in school, he used to look for small contracts so that he could support his education in a foreign land. He worked with a mission of ensuring that he succeeds in his dreams.

George Soros later immigrated to the US in the year 1954 to pursue his finance career. That is when he got his first job at FM Mayer as a European Stock analyst which had entered the market. He later got another one at Wertheim Co where he could interact with great forex traders across the whole world.

To Learn More : www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Igor Cornelsen’s 3 Must-Know Tips Before You Put Your Money Down In Brazil

The Brazilian economy is moving a good distance away from the recovering tag. It’s cruising. It’s the reason global investors are racing to catch a seat on the bandwagon. Whether you are new to the scene or looking to expand into the country, Igor Cornelsen offers you a few tips to inspire your due diligence and help you get started quicker. It will save you from the pain of making rookie mistakes local to the region.

It will also arm you with insights on how to optimize your assets to get maximum value from the investment. Find out a little about the country. Research and see what is already in the public domain. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find some government services online. Firstly, get familiar with all aspects of the currency. You came here for the profit.

It is only due diligence to understand elements such as restrictions, exchange rates and the law that relates to the money both locally and on a global level. Secondly, the people are the best resource. Find ways to connect with them. A large part of the population is made up of entrepreneurs. Seize the opportunity to grow your business and social networks. Igor Cornelsen points out that Brazilians are friendly and hospitable. Strive to establish strong long-term relationships to ensure growth.

Thirdly, get ready to work your way around bureaucracy. Research and understand the applicable law as it applies to your planned venture. Establishing a good relationship with regulators is essential. Igor Cornelsen, a prominent investment advisor, reckons the economy is picking up speed quickly. He provides investment strategies that deliver. He is out to inform new investors about what to expect before they put their money down.

The economy is in a good position. It is full of opportunity and developing steadily. You can tremendously boost your chances of success by collaborating with a local business partner. Get ready for high taxes, complex laws, and a modest workforce. Similarly, expect the authorities to be big on regulation and slow on service delivery. You are a better investor when you are empowered to make the right decisions. There is tremendous opportunity that awaits you in Brazil.

Susan McGalla Trailblazes For Women In Leadership

The positive effect that diversity has on business operations has been well-chronicled. Statistics show that businesses with adequate gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform companies without such diversity. And regards to companies with sufficient ethnic diversity, these companies are 35% more likely to outperform companies without ethnic diversity. These effects are believe to stem from the fact that diverse companies are better able to incorporate new ideas. Despite the obvious advantages of diversity many companies do not create diverse workplace environments. In fact, only a small percentage of top positions of large companies are held by women.

The Susan McGalla Example

While many women still struggle to reach high positions within the business world, this is not the case with Susan McGalla. McGalla’s rise in the male dominated world of business began when she accepted a position with American Eagle Outfitters. When McGalla began with the company all executives with AEO were men. By the end of McGalla’s time with the company she was AEO’s president. Susan McGalla is now the vice president of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla credits her confidence with working in male dominated environments with her upbringing. McGalla recalls that while growing up with two brothers and a football coach for a dad there were never any breaks given to her because she was a girl.

Women Leadership Initiatives Will Not Solve Problem

Not all women has shared in Susan McGalla’s success at breaking through the glass ceiling. There are many networks and initiatives that work with women to provide support for women leaders and a platform for these women to share ideas. Unfortunately these initiatives have not been effective at addressing the underlying issues that hamper the advancement of women in the business world. This is because despite the importance of women supporting women in business men still hold the majority of the power in the business world.

The Power Of Executive Sponsorship

One potential solution to breaking the cycle of gender discrimination in business is to provide sponsorship opportunities. Women with aspirations of moving up the corporate ladder should find a company executive to provide a sponsorship. These sponsors can work to provide opportunities to women that would often times bypass them. It would be necessary to provide incentive for these executives to invest in women leaders but could provide the much needed spark for the business world to become more gender-diverse in leadership choices.

Omar Yunes and His Innovation with Mexicano

Omar Yunes is a young entrepreneur from Mexico who is known for innovative ideas and a great level of servicing in various industries. He is the founder of Mexicano – a Sushi Itto franchise that won the hearts of Mexicans and produced excellent sales results in the past few years. It created a new experience to the restaurant and hospitality industry of Mexico and received many accolades from organizations and industrial bodies. In 2015, it got the Best Franchisee of the World contest for the contribution of the franchise produced to its network.

The BFW contest took place in Florence, an Italian city, on December 5, 2015, and the edition saw participants from as many as 34 countries around the world. Yunes said that he was excited with the feat and gave all the credit of success to his employee base of more than 400, who put their hard work to make the franchise brand shine. He also mentioned the support given by Sushi Itto to innovative in the ecosystem, which helped the franchise to grab the Award. Interestingly, the franchises from countries such as Brazil, France, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, and more have participated in competition program.

The competition was very particular not to assess the value of the brand they represented and focused on other aspects like the influence on the network, savings implemented, improvements suggested, employee motivation initiatives, and contribution towards knowledge improvement. The Award committee commented that Omar and his franchise created a new level of relationship in the franchise model. Various Mexican franchises feel that the achievement is a recognition to the whole industry and think that the days of Mexican franchises just a regional issue is gone. It would also encourage other franchises in the country to innovate and shower a new level of experience to the customers.

Omar Yunes is a young businessman who started the first unit of the Sushi Itto franchise at the age of 21. With innovative strategies and dedicated service, it grew into 13 units as of today and offer jobs for more than 400 people. Interestingly, the units are present in all the major cities of the country, and it holds 10% of the total number of Sushi Itto units.

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Betsy Devos: A Fighter for Education

It is no secret that the educational system in America has been deteriorating over the years. Our country, once the acme of ingenuity and scientific achievements have really dropped the ball over the last few decades.One may ask, how is it possible that a country as innovative and powerful as America has such poor rankings in the fields? The answer is very simple. The American educational system is broken.With Betsy Devos becoming the new Secretary of Education, the American educational system looks to have a glimpse of hope or resurrecting from the ashes of their former days of greatness and become the world leader in the fields of science and technology.

So who is Betsy Devos?

Betsy Devos is currently the Secretary of Education but before she came to be the secretary of education she was an advocate for better education throughout the nation. Her affiliation with the organization such as American Federation for Children has greatly shown her dedication to improving the education for all American boys and girls across the nation.The American Federation for Children (AFC) is an organization that has been founded on the tenants of providing the highest level of education for children all across the nation. The organization is a lobbying group that advocates choice for parents and schools.The overall message that they try to send to Washington and throughout the many states is to improve the educational system from K-12 through the efforts of giving more choices to the arrest and the teachers.The organization believes in teaching kids about innovation and entrepreneurship. This harkens back to what I have briefly mentioned before. Our nation was once the leading nation in terms of science, technology, and innovation.However, our educational system has slowly denigrated throughout the deceased and our nation, which was once the educational hub of the world has now only become the economic and militaristic power of the world.

Betsy Devos Mission?

Betsy DeVos mission, along with the AFC, is to instill the notion of entrepreneurship and innovation in children. This is a great idea that will make our nation overall better for it. A nation of geniuses will keep our nation to be that shining beacon of hope in the world.I believe the mission to give each child better education and teaching them to have that “Growth mindset” will do wonders for our nations. Our nation has really denigrated in our educational system and it is about time that we have someone who is willing to fix this problem.Our children deserve it and the nation needs it. In the end, a more educated society is an overall better society and Betsy DeVos seems to understand this very well.

Visit his Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/