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Betsy Devos: A Fighter for Education

It is no secret that the educational system in America has been deteriorating over the years. Our country, once the acme of ingenuity and scientific achievements have really dropped the ball over the last few decades.One may ask, how is it possible that a country as innovative and powerful as America has such poor rankings in the fields? The answer is very simple. The American educational system is broken.With Betsy Devos becoming the new Secretary of Education, the American educational system looks to have a glimpse of hope or resurrecting from the ashes of their former days of greatness and become the world leader in the fields of science and technology.

So who is Betsy Devos?

Betsy Devos is currently the Secretary of Education but before she came to be the secretary of education she was an advocate for better education throughout the nation. Her affiliation with the organization such as American Federation for Children has greatly shown her dedication to improving the education for all American boys and girls across the nation.The American Federation for Children (AFC) is an organization that has been founded on the tenants of providing the highest level of education for children all across the nation. The organization is a lobbying group that advocates choice for parents and schools.The overall message that they try to send to Washington and throughout the many states is to improve the educational system from K-12 through the efforts of giving more choices to the arrest and the teachers.The organization believes in teaching kids about innovation and entrepreneurship. This harkens back to what I have briefly mentioned before. Our nation was once the leading nation in terms of science, technology, and innovation.However, our educational system has slowly denigrated throughout the deceased and our nation, which was once the educational hub of the world has now only become the economic and militaristic power of the world.

Betsy Devos Mission?

Betsy DeVos mission, along with the AFC, is to instill the notion of entrepreneurship and innovation in children. This is a great idea that will make our nation overall better for it. A nation of geniuses will keep our nation to be that shining beacon of hope in the world.I believe the mission to give each child better education and teaching them to have that “Growth mindset” will do wonders for our nations. Our nation has really denigrated in our educational system and it is about time that we have someone who is willing to fix this problem.Our children deserve it and the nation needs it. In the end, a more educated society is an overall better society and Betsy DeVos seems to understand this very well.

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Technology Genius and Entrepreneur Eric Pulier & His Impact On Society

The technology industry is one of the most fascinating, exciting, and popular industries in the world. Just about every piece of equipment or electronic device has some form of innovative technology within it’s core. This is the “digital age” and if you don’t evolve with the times, you’ll surely be left behind. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? If you haven’t heard then just know that this guy has done some amazing things from the use of advanced technology. The Teaneck, New Jersey native just has a way of creating solutions with relative ease. Pulier has attended MIT and Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. During this time he also wrote a success column known as “Pulier’s Leg” at the school’s newspaper publication known as “The Harvard Crimson.” Not to mention, he was also the editor at this prominent publication. In 1988, Pulier graduated magna cum laude and by 1991 he would begin his professional career.


One of his first founded companies known as “People Doing Things” used advanced technology to solve many issues that were plaguing the healthcare and education field of work. Pulier also developed one of the very first private social media networks for chronically ill kids. Starbright world instantly became a hit as it connected thousands of these special needs kids. This action raised the moral greatly and it allowed the children to share their experiences and to make new friends. The guy is literally a true philanthropist at heart. Pulier has even developed educational multimedia programs for people who suffer with physical disabilities. These programs were designed to teach the individuals on how to successful deal with the situations at hand.


His strong love for technology has helped Pulier build a huge name as well as a strong legacy. His impact on society has impacted millions of people even though he’s not a household name. See Here.




Eric Pulier Uses Technology Wisely

Technology can be very beneficial to people who know how to use it. It was very beneficial to Eric Pulier. He has used it to help with health, education, and other aspects of life. For instance, in the earlier days of internet, he has built a few websites that could help children connect with one another. One website he has built, Starbright World, connects children who suffer from chronic illnesses. There are other activities that Eric is involved in that involves solving different problems. Eric Pulier is one very successful person that works well with those who are less fortunate.

Having disadvantages can be very tough. Therefore, it is a nice thing for someone to take the time to find a solution that could help those that are less fortunate. Even if it is a platform for people to meet together. Often times, the one thing that people need the most is for someone to listen to them. This could give the person the encouragement to move forward with his life. Eric Pulier thinks a lot about the simple things that could mean so much to people who are faced with certain challenges in their lives.

Eric Pulier himself has taken on many challenges for people. He is an entrepreneur that has built quite a few businesses. He has created the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Then he was involved in the health care and technology that Al Gore owned when he was Vice President. He has also been involved in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier has not only been successful, but he has always worked towards a meaningful. Every career choice he made was with the interests of people in mind. Everything he does is meant to sole some kind of problem for people. His passion for solving problems has led him to sit on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation.

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Chris Burch: The Importance Of Allowing Mistakes

If there is a common problem in many different aspects of life, it is the aversion of mistakes. Perfectionism is a problem in many different parts of life. For one thing, it is stifling. It is also rigid for people. With perfectionism, people are not only made to feel restricted, but they are also not allowed any room to grow. Then there are other problems that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch is aware of these issues that could arise from perfectionism. Chris Burch urges managers to allow mistakes in their companies so that employees will be able to grow and excel.


Chris Burch is aware that the world makes mistakes look like the end of the world. As a matter of fact, people who make mistakes are roasted for days on in. That is provided that there are people that witness the mistakes. There are a few interesting things to take note of. The people that laugh the most are either those that have made the same mistakes and can relate, or those that are doing nothing with their time. One group is not worth considering because mistakes are a part of doing something worthwhile. The other group can be worth getting to know because they have experience and understand that it is important to live and learn.


One thing that Chris Burch has noted is that a lot of the people that have made some innovative inventions have come across a lot of mistakes and failures before they have finally come up with something that is very valuable. However, they have learned from all of their mistakes. This is why it is important for people to be allowed room for mistakes. That way, they could come up with innovative solutions that could change the world for the better. They will also achieve higher levels of growth and success than they would’ve with perfection.