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Ryan Seacrest – Success Through Routine

Respected worldwide for his talents, Ryan Seacrest has built an impressive resume. His short list of accomplishments includes hosting his own radio show, producing the popular TV Show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” and of course hosting one of the biggest shows in TV history American Idol. Currently living in New York, Seacrest has a unique ability to manage a very hectic schedule. His attention to detail and focus on a daily routine have allowed him to be successful in many different areas.

Each morning begins in a similar way for Ryan. He gets up early, usually around 6 am and has his morning or tea. From there Ryan heads to get his workout in. Seacrest struggled with his weight as a child but as an adult has conquered the challenge of being fit. His workouts consist of a variety of activities including boxing, using Peloton bikes and even going for a jog in the park. Ryan Seacrest, a clothing line creator, is very committed to an intense workout schedule. It helps him to stay on track with his crazy schedule. He has even gone to the extreme of hiring his own personal trainer and bringing them along with him when he is on the road.

Managing his entire day allows Ryan Seacrest to work several different jobs. After completing his workout, he will use his commute to the office to catch news from overnight and complete some daily reading. The American Idol host is not afraid to start his work day mid-morning. To manage his attention issues, he will often put his phone on lockdown mode during important times of the day. To complement his workouts, Seacrest pays close attention to what he eats. He often chooses mostly vegan meals, but allows himself to have a little fun on the weekend. His commitment to health has helped him to manage and be successful at may jobs. Only 43, there appears to be no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. Know how you can support Seacrest’s Foundation by visiting ryanseacrestfoundation.org.

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Alex Pall, the Original DJ from the Chainsmokers

As a young guy in New York City, Alex Pall was obsessed with dance music and worked as a DJ on the side of his regular job at an art gallery. He really wanted to turn DJing into a career and that opportunity came when he hooked up with Andrew Taggart and the Chainsmokers as we know them were born.


Taggart moved down to the big city from Maine and they obsessed together about music, the DJ scene and where they wanted to fit into it all. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had grown up listening to much of the same music and they wanted to be able to express their own sound, not just fit into the electronic genre. The Chainsmokers set themselves apart from other DJs and electronic artists by writing their own songs about their own lives and even singing on some of the tracks. While they do enlist the help of talented friends and lyricists for some songs, they keep the direction going in the way they want it to go.

Eventually, Alex Pall says, they hope to have a full album that is not just a collection of unrelated songs, but a cohesive body of work. He doesn’t just want to stick to the format of every other DJ album with a few hit songs, a couple of dance songs, some okay filler and an interlude.


As the popularity of the Chainsmokers grows, so does their audience. They aren’t just playing to the college crowd anymore. Their fans range from children to people their parents’ age. Thanks to the internet, they also have followers all over the world. Alex Pall finds this reassuring since they mainly make music for themselves and hope others like it as much as they do.


The expansion in their audience has inspired them to keep making their live performances bigger and more exciting. Special guests and big productions mixed with short acts keep the show interesting and keep fans wanting more.



Ryan Seacrest Tells Us How He Juggles His Productive Day

One man, one body… many different careers. How does he do it? Ryan Seacrest is mostly known for his involvement with American Idol. However, he recently moved to New York to host “Live” with Kelly Ripa. On top of that, he finds the time and energy to host his own radio show and run a skin care and clothing line business called Distinction. The New York Times had a recent interview with him where he discusses how he juggles his busy day.

Ryan Seacrest’s energy level must be over 9,000 to be able to be as productive as he is on a daily and consistent basis. He has effectively and successfully created beneficial habits that work for him and help his to continuously reach his goals. Success is not enough for him, however. Ryan is the kind of person to give back from his heart. He started the Ryan Seacrest foundation which builds broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals for their patients to explore the creative realms of television, radio, and new media. It is well known that artistic expression can provide healing benefits for anyone and that is what the foundation is all about.

Mr. Seacrest manages to stay at the top of his game by waking up early at 6 in the morning. He quickly gets ready by taking a shower, shaving, and putting a little moisturizer on his face. His morning uniform consists of a zip up hoodie, a pair of sweat pants, and his uggs. He then drinks a Matcha tea to set the tone of his body for the day and will proceed to follow it up with a cup of coffee.

Don’t let the face moisturizer fool you, though. Ryan Seacrest has been taking boxing lessons and is ready in case some fools want to test his hands. He’s not the type of guy to be as a hamster and use a treadmill to exercise. Ryan loves running and has fun doing so at the park. In case his boxing skills aren’t enough, or he finds himself out numbered, he can always count of his love for running to bail him out of a tight situation.

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Lawrence Bender: The Producer Who Created the Hit Film Pulp Fiction

Lawrence Bender was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York. Throughout his career, Bender has amassed three Oscar nominations including those for his work on Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds. That being said, my favorite film by Lawrence Bender is Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 and was a film that wasn’t like anything else in cinemas during that time. This film tells the tale of multiple people living in a world of crime including two hitmen, a boxer, the wife of a mob boss, and many more colorful characters. What makes this film personally enjoyable is how well the story is told that weaves these seemingly unrelated characters together so seamlessly.

One reason that this film has been so well-received is that it is hard to pinpoint this movie to a specific genre. Pulp Fiction contains elements of comedy, drama, and even throws in a few love stories. While this film is over two hours, it’s a movie that I can watch and be continually engrossed in no matter how many times I’ve seen it. While this film does feature a decent amount of graphic language and violence, it helps this movie to achieve a sense of realism.

To summarize, my favorite film produced by Lawrence Bender is Pulp Fiction. This film tells multiple tales surrounding a group of people with seemingly unrelated stories. That being said, the viewer quickly finds out that these characters have more in common than they might think. Pulp Fiction combines multiple genres into a fast-paced ride with plenty of characters and unforgettable moments for the viewer to enjoy. This film combines elements of comedy, action, drama, and noir, and suspense genres in order to create a unique masterpiece. In addition, Pulp Fiction continues to remain ranked quite highly within many top movies of all time lists.


Alex Pall Explains why he was Confident of Success

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the production duo that makes up a group called The Chainsmokers. The duo has been active in the music industry since 2012 and has released hit songs such as “Roses”, “#Selfie”, and “Closer.” The duo has been awarded for their efforts in music with two American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart started working together after Pall’s manager introduced them to each other. At the time Pall was DJing around the New York area and had recently begun to think of it as a career.

“It was more just side word that I was really passionate about,” Pall confessed. It wasn’t until one single moment, while in an art gallery, that Pall realized that his music was consuming his life and that he could really make a career out of it.

Finally, when Pall’s manager introduced him to Drew Taggart, he started really working on his music seriously. Taggart moved from Maine and Pall quit his job and they both began making music full-time. Pall knew right away that the duo would be a success. “We were both very observant about what was going on around us and who was killing it.” Pall explained. “[Drew and I] were trying to shape an identity around this.”

The Chainsmokers are a unique pair in the music industry. Up until the release of “Closer“, neither Taggart nor Pall had loaned their own voices to one of their songs. The Chainsmokers are more accustomed to allowing other artists to sing the songs they write and produce. For example, singer Halsey was a featured artist on “Closer.”

Thanks to Instagram, The Chainsmokers know exactly who their audience is. “From what I see on social media, it’s becoming more international,” Pall began. “We’re seeing places like the Philippines and South Africa.” Surprisingly the gender demographic seems to be split between girls and guys, Pall gathered from his Instagram feed. “It seems like we’re reaching the 16 to 25 demographic,” he said.

With Taggart now performing as a vocalist, The Chainsmokers live show will be changing significantly. In the future, if Taggart chooses to continue singing, the choreography and performance elements will only keep getting bigger and better.


Nine9 Has People On An Endless Stream Of Work

In the old days when people signed up with agencies, they have often waited to get work. In many cases, they would have listings. The unfortunate thing was that they had to be willing to get out to where these listings are and that was not always a practical thing for people. As a result, a lot of people have signed up for an agency just to fade out into obscurity. Often times, people are faced with a hardship that is going to get them out of the game for a while, especially if they have a talent agency that is not as involved. Nine9 Reviews .

Fortunately, there is an agency that is deeply involved with their talents. This agency is called Nine9. They have all of the connections in the industry that is needed for them to make sure that they are able to work with their agents. For one thing, they are able to get a ton of roles that other agencies have no access to. This brings a lot of opportunities to the talent for work and other activities. Not only do people find a lot of work, but they also find themselves working on an endless stream of work which includes ongoing projects. See Photos .

A lot of the models that have signed up have found themselves working on a big event in as little as a week. This is one very exciting thing for the model. For one thing, this is the very reason that many people look for modeling agencies. A lot of people that have a lot of experience with these agencies often feel as if it is not real. However, they find out that it is a legitimate experience once they have worked with the different agents that are involved in bringing the projects to them.

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