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Ryan Seacrest, The Entertainment Icon

Ryan Seacrest fits the definition of a perfect brand. Many entertainment pundits are amused by how he continues to be on the creative industry without losing relevance. His busy life is a reflection of his strong personality and the zeal to succeed in everything he touches. His most documented success story is his immense contribution to American idol. Since the American Idol is one of the most popular shows in the USA, his contribution to making the show unique is brilliant.

Radio shows are the most competitive platform in the USA. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest show, however, give the most interactive and exciting minutes in radio. This reality is evident by the number of following the duo has accumulated over the time. The show has a vast following mainly because of their style of conversing and their style of interaction with the audience. Apart from having millions of loyal listeners, his social media presence especially from Instagram is notable.

Apart from having one of the highest following from his show with Kelly, Ryan Seacrest is part of creation teams in twelve TV shows. TV shows present a different challenge to any creative. Being part of a successful production especially in reality shows gives the right impression of who is Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest). The success of these shows is and indications of the excellent team player he has become.

Host Ryan Seacrest media success and the undisputable following is spiced up by his fashion sense. He is undeniably a trendsetter in the fashion world. Over the years, different fashion companies around the world have collaborated with this fashion icon to make and market men jewelry, customized ties, inimitable belts, exclusive cufflinks, pocket squares. His most documented partnership with fashion companies includes Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. In these partnerships, he has been able to be a conversation starter in the men fashion world and be a fashion icon.

A story about this incredible personality is incomplete without mentioning the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It is a generous contribution to humanity. Ryan Seacrest has used his position to push for the right agenda of youth especially through education and entertainment. The nonprofit organization has been active in these two key areas. See how Ryan succeeded on his weight loss struggle.

See the latest on Ryan’s Radio Show: https://onairwithryan.iheart.com/

Facts About Brian Mulligan You Did Not Know

Brian Mulligan considers himself a lucky man having studied, a smart worker and being blessed with a high character. Over his 30 years career, he has served in very many companies in positions, not below Chief Executive Officer. He is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, which is a media company that deals with sports issues, entertainment as well as the media. Among the positions he has held include the Co-Chairman of Universal Pictures, the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Television, Vice-Chairman of Media Affairs at Money Center Bank and has also worked in companies that are involved in matters related to private equity.

Brian is an expert in sports, music publishing, TV, film, video games, international entertainment, media and television affairs. Mullian is also a member of an LA-based organization called Digital Timetable. He is also involved in Sports Business Executive and also the Media Roundtable. He is also a featured industry speaker on matters related to entertainment, emerging businesses, and sports. He has also been awarded different honors including ‘The Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood’, ’50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood’, ‘The Leading Banker On Emerging Business Models’ among others.

When matters related to being philanthropic are concerned, he is not left behind and he actively participates in charitable activities in Los Angeles. He has been very instrumental in helping raise over $90 million for different schools. He has also been involved in charity events for City of Hope, MCA Charities, Democratic and Republican Supporters among others. He has served as commissioner of many youth games including basketball and football.

Brian is an active believer in time management and speaks about the same in all events that he goes. He attributes his corporate success to proper time management and passion for matters related to the media and sports. He is an exemplary example of a professional who uses his experience and sacrifices his time to make sure that the youth and society grows. His contribution to society has been termed as much similar to motivational speaking because he has an immense impact on all matters related to empowering the youth.