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Rocketship Education Provides Top Education Option

The hardest job that many people have is finding a way to provide their kids with a good education. Unfortunately, many public school systems across the country do not have the funding that is needed to ensure that someone is able to get the education that they need. For those that are looking for a better option for their kids, going to a charter school could be a great option.

One of the top charter school programs available today is the program provided by

Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a unique charter school program that was first introduced about ten years ago. The entire program was created by a group of educators, including teachers, administrators, and former students, that were looking for a better way to educate kids. While it took some time, the group was finally able to open their first location in California.

Over the past few years, Rocketship Education has continued to grow in demand with parents across the country. While they started with one small school in California, the program has continued to develop and mature. The Rocketship Education company now has nearly a dozen different schools located in markets all over the country including in the Washington DC area, Milwaukee, and Nashville. The popularity of the program is largely due to the reputation. Rocketship Education has a much higher rate of having high test scores and students are considered more equipped to go to college.

While Rocketship Education has grown in size, they have also been able to provide a great service to the community. Rocketship Education currently boasts that the vast majority of all students come from families with low incomes. Furthermore, the majority of students in the classroom are from minority backgrounds and may not even speak English as their primary language. Rocketship Education is able to provide all of these students with a unique learning program that helps each student succeed.