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ClassDojo is a reinvented classroom that brings teachers students and their parents close together so that they can help build the behavioral traits of students. The constant communication has enabled parents to monitor their kids, their experience and how they are behaving while in school.


The co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, formed the company to provide a communication platform where teachers to encourage students and get parents engaged too.


In the company’s reports, ClassDojo is actively used in 85,000 in the United States. They do face competition from other education tech companies like Remind, Nearpod, and Kickboard that connect students, parents, and schools


Teachers use this app daily to make schedules of activities that parents know of. Parents, on the other hand, monitor the kids through photos and videos of recent participation in an activity taken and sent to them by their teachers


The driving force of the company is the needs of the parents and teachers and what they require to enhance the chance of their kid’s success in life. According to Sam Chaudhary, the idea is to build good behavior, improve, and develop learning of students at school.


This company has been able to raise $21 million in the round B series for venture funding for tech that connects educators to students’ parents. General Catalyst led the company’s Series B round. The new investors included GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.


The San Francisco-based startup to date has raised $31 million in venture funding. It has moved from education tech accelerator, Imagine K12, now a part of Y Combinator.


In the early days, the app was used as a tool to help shape behavior, but now it is used collaboration between parents, teachers, and students for collaboration. General Catalyst Managing Director, Hemant Taneja, sees the ClassDojo’s user growth as analogous to a social network and messaging platform like Facebook, Snapchat though being an app built for education.


He says that the main aim of the company is not monetization, but the provision of parents and teachers needs to make their kid’s life successful. ClassDojo has contents like custom yearbooks, videos, discussion guides, and lessons that could be used at home by parents and their kids. Transactional features could also be included to enable parents to pay schools for field trips, lunches, or supplies via phone instead of checks and cash that could be misplaced by kids in their backpacks.

Keith Mann Helping Others

There are many people in our communities who need help to get to the next level in life. Keith Mann is a business owner who has a lot of time and money to help people who are less fortunate. One of the areas that he is passionate about is education. Over the past couple of years, he has done a great job of helping schools in his local area. There are a lot of schools that lack the funding and employment to help students with their education. If you are interested in making an impact in the local community, education is the best way to do so.


Keith Mann


From the time he started out in his career, Keith Mann has been interested in providing educational opportunities to people. If you want to invest in others, education is a great way to go. A lot of people today could take their career to a new level with the proper education. Keith Mann has always been a fan of investing in the local community, and he is prepared to do what is necessary to reach his goals. Since his companies are doing well, he can now spend more time on other projects in this life.


Helping Others


Keith Mann has spent a lot of time recently scaling up charities that will help others. He recently announced that he was donating a large sum of money to help schools in his local area. He is using a lot of his business knowledge to help charities that struggle financially. A lot of people do not realize all of the overhead costs that are associated with owning and operating a charity. Over the long term, he is prepared to take things to the next level to help people. Keith Mann has had a great career in the world of business, and he is prepared to do what it takes to help others.