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ClassDojo Is Receiving Funding Of $21 Million As App Continues To Grow

As more and more young people are carrying and using mobile devices on a regular basis, teachers and school administrators have had new challenges of how to change the classrooms because of mobile technology’s impact. But there have been some breakthroughs as new apps like ClassDojo have emerged and changed education from the ground up. ClassDojo is a unique app that is simple in concept, but delivers results that have had teachers and parents talking to their friends about.

ClassDojo first came on the scene in 2011 when two grad students from the UK came to America looking to develop something that would change people’s lives. They took a look at education and believed it was lacking the attention it needed from the technology world, so they began to develop a solution that they hoped would help both instructors and students. They went to a teachers’ conference in California and began to ask the teachers there what they would like to see done with a classroom app. They took a lot of diverse ideas, and soon Class Dojo went from concept to application. The app has never been marketed through television or online ads, and has become known simply through word-of-mouth, something the developers have felt is the best marketing tactic of them all.

The way it works is teachers show students videos about Dojo monsters in a school setting who have to find ways to overcome the struggles they have with certain subjects. The aim of the videos is to encourage students that they can be successful at anything they put their mind to. And during class assignments, teachers use the app to give students points when they complete their tasks, and help others in the classroom. ClassDojo provides positive feedback, and even allows students to post activities to a profile that parents can see. Teachers can communicate more closely with parents through the app about student progress, and it’s allowed them to eliminate the lengthy parent-teacher meetings.

To this day, the app is free to download and is available across all kinds of mobile devices. The developers are working on more features that will be available to paying premium users in the future. In the last year, ClassDojo got a $21 million venture capital boost from investors.