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Beneful Originals, Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, and Playful Life

Beneful is a brand of wholesome gourmet dog food made by PurinaStore. It comes in many types, divided into the categories of dry, wet and treats. It is extremely high-quality pet food and is consumed by millions of dogs on a daily basis. Purina uses a sophisticated tracking system to ensure the purity and freshness of ingredients from before manufacturing to when the food is available in Walmart retail stores.


Beneful Originals is a dry dog food that comes in three varieties: with real beef, with real salmon and with real chicken. All varieties are omega-rich and contain 100% of the vitamins and nutrients an adult dog needs on a daily basis to stay healthy. Actual vegetables, including tomatoes, avocados and carrots, are part of the ingredients.

Healthy Weight

Healthy Weigh is another type of Beneful dry dog food. This food is formulated to give dogs on a diet an appropriate number of calories and tastes good as well. It contains real chicken, and it also has apples in it as well as some different types of vegetables. The texture of the food itself is mix of tender and crunchy, which is a combination dogs enjoy and is also good for their teeth.

Healthy Puppy

Healthy Puppy, as the name suggests, is formulated for young, growing dogs. It is a dry dog food full of calcium to help with developing bones and also is rich in DHA to assist in vision and neurological development. Its ingredients include peas and carrots; like Healthy Weight Beneful, it contains real chicken.

Playful Life

Playful Life is a protein-rich blend of dry dog food that also contains actual beef and eggs. This food is designed to give very active dogs the energy they need to get through their day. Among other pure ingredients, it contains spinach and blueberries. Playful life can even boost the energy and spirits of tired or older dogs, and it is a great blend to feed working dogs who need to stay active, awake and alert for long periods of time.

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