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Whitney Wolfe Watches Leadership Closely

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has noticed is that it can be rather easy for founders and employers to get the leadership aspect of business wrong. There are a lot of challenges to overcome when it comes to getting one’s own business going. Often times, the employer or founder can be rather dismissive and even cruel to their employees. The fact of the matter is that it is better for them to be grateful to have employees. Many founders are faced with a group of people telling them that they are crazy or that are otherwise not interested in what is being offered to them. Then there is that one person who is actually on board with the project.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has learned and is willing to tell others is that being grateful is a very important leadership trait. She has had very few passionate people working with her to bring forth the project. One of the reasons that this project has worked as a whole is because people have believed in it as they were working on dating apps project. For one thing, if people didn’t believe in their project, then they wouldn’t have been doing anything to bring it out.

One of the best things for people who own businesses is to make sure that they hire someone who is willing to work for them. When people are thoughtful about who they hire, then they are going to bring forth a culture of people that love working together.

Whitney is also willing to help people with other aspects of their lives. This is one of the reasons that she has set up her BIZZ extension on Bumble app. She understands that there are so many people that are struggling to find work even to this day. With Bumble, people are going to be able to get a leg up on what they are looking for when it comes to work. Bizz is one of the apps that is good for connecting people together so that they can pursue their business goals and gain financial independence.

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