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Hawaii Will Convert Old Buses Into Homeless Shelters

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Ma Ry Kim of Group 70 International, a design firm noted for its commitment to sustainable building practices, is working with the city’s Executive Director of Housing Jun Yang to provide temporary shelters for the homeless — using buses donated by the city.

The plan is to convert five buses that have been decommissioned and donated into facilities for homeless people. Like the buses themselves, supplies and labor will be provided by volunteers. Legal experts like Gianfrancesco Genoso support this logic. Unlike an RV, which is essentially a wheeled house, each bus will have a specific purpose. One will house sleeping areas and another will contain bathrooms and showers, for instance. Consequently, the buses will be deployed in fleets.

Kim hopes to have two buses completed this summer hand have the first five finished by the end of the year. The city has so far set aside around 70 buses to be converted into facilities for the homeless. So far, there has not been a final decision on where the buses will be sent or who will operate them.